Summer Solstice 2016: Welcome Midsummer Days, Beautifully!

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Summer Solstice 2016: Summer Fun has Just Started!

Summer Solstice 2016 has ended, but summer fun has just begun. It’s time to say “hurrah!” to welcome the Great British Summer!

June 20 marks the first official day of summer in the UK. For some, this event signifies the longest day of the year with an approximate of 17 hours of daylight — but Summer Solstice 2016 is a special one! For the first time since 1967, the summer solstice occurred simultaneously with a rare ‘strawberry’ moon. This created a spectacular sight in many parts of UK, as the rays of the sun made the way for beautiful and bright moonlit sky!

Summer Solstice 2016 in UK

Why Summer Solstice Calls for a Celebration in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the midsummer solstice is being celebrated at Stonehenge. During the event (from June 21-22), thousands gather around the famous Heritage site to relive the tradition which roots back to the pagan times.

The ancient middle of summer, has great significance for pagans as they are firm with their belief that midsummer day holds a special power. It is believed that midsummer’s eve is a time when the veil between the earth and the next is at its thinnest, and when the power of fairies is at its peak.

For many centuries, Summer Solstice has paved the way for several festivities and midsummer celebrations. Up to this day, many towns and villages across Britain still mark the event.

Indeed, summer is far from over. In fact, for many people the fun has just started. There are celebrations to mark midsummer and the longest day of the year, and you may find yourself taking part of the occasions and enjoying the festivities related with the event.

Summer Solstice 2016 marks the start of Summer fun. But wait…it can bring beauty woes, too!

Summer Solstice 2016 is absolutely fun and marks more exciting days under the sun.

The summer months are just too exciting to be spent at home. There are lots of outdoor activities that will give you reasons to pack your bags and head out to enjoy. From outdoor yoga sessions, mountain excursions, trips to campsites, to endless days at the beach — you cannot ignore the fact that summer days are just too beautiful to spend most of your time indoors.

But the question is, will you be able to handle the damaging elements that come along with summer solstice and may have an impact on your beauty and wellness?

Before you get too caught up with the merry makings this summer, you shouldn’t neglect the fact that your skin needs more protection now…more than ever! And of course, the activities that you will engage in can cause beauty woes, especially without putting the correct measures in place.

Summer Beauty Regimen

What Summertime Could Mean for Your Beauty Regimen

It would be very easy for you to have the tendency to overlook how summertime can impact your overall beauty regimen, and oftentimes you will fail to assess if you’re getting enough sun protection.

Sun exposure alone can take a toll on your skin and you can expect for the worse during the hottest days of the year! Aside from that are some of the most common beauty concerns that can easily take away enjoyment from a supposedly superb summer.

To make sure that nothing can get in the way of fun-filled summer, you need to know some of the most common summer beauty problems and find solutions to deal with them well.

Below, you will find a rundown of some of the most common summer-related beauty problems that you should know about, as well as some important tips on how you can avoid having your beauty worries!

Summer Beauty Problems

Top 6 Summer Beauty Problems and How to Solve them

You might think that beauty woes happen and cannot be prevented especially during a season when  you are most likely to get a tremendous share of sun exposure. But the truth is, you can do something to control, if not totally prevent them.


Summer Beauty Problem #1: Terrible Sunburn

Excessive sun exposure can cause serious skin damages and one of its most common forms is a sunburn.


As sunburn comes with redness and painful sensation, you can calm the inflammation by applying cold washcloth against it. A cool bath can also help as it stops redness by constricting the blood vessels. Rehydration is also effective as it replenishes the water you’ve lost. It is advised to take 1 glass of water per hour until redness caused by sunburn disappears.

Oily Skin Problem

Summer Beauty Problem #2: Oily Skin

During summer, you may notice that your skin feels oilier than usual. This is the result of increased heat that enhances the production of sebum in the skin.


Fight off oily skin by using a cleanser that can help break down oil in pores without causing skin dryness. Use of a mineral-based sunblock can also help control oil and shine to make your skin look matte.

Bleached Out Highlights

Summer Beauty Problem #3: Seriously Bleached Out Highlights

This is a common problem especially if you already had your share of time in the swimming pool. UV light and chlorine oxidise the hair, resulting to severely bleached out highlights.


You can protect your hair’s colour against UV rays by using a sunscreen that works for the hair and body. To give your hair chlorine protection, you can apply a coat of leave-in conditioner to your hair before getting in the water. This should prevent your hair follicle from absorbing pool water.

Chapped Lips

Summer Beauty Problem #4: Chapped Lips

Another common beauty worry during the summer season is the experience of cracked and dry lips, which usually comes with pain and makes lipstick application harder than usual!


Solve your chapped lips woes by exfoliating your lips and applying a layer of moisturised tinted balm to it. This will allow you to give your lips the moisturisation it needs, while giving it a nice color, too!

Dry, Frizzy Hair

Summer Beauty Problem #5. Dry, Frizzy Hair

The hair usually becomes less manageable, dry and frizzy during summer because of humidity, making you more prone to bad hair days this season.


You can fight the frizz easily by choosing a hairstyle that can help control your hair. Tie it up into a bun, braids, or using headbands can tame the hair. You can also try natural hair treatments that should keep bad hair days away!

Pale Nails

Summer Beauty Problem #6: Pale, Yellowish Nails

Pale nails and light polishes don’t usually bother you — but it’s different especially when they turn yellow under the sun!


This summer switch to nail polishes that are darker and more radiant to get gorgeous looking nails throughout the season. Look for the hottest shades and choose naturally formulated nail polish for the best results.

Summer Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for a Worry-Free Summer

As another season has unfolded, you will realise that your beauty transition should also be as seamless as possible. And in doing so, there are beauty regimen that you just can’t ignore.

Make the summer season more enjoyable by staying away from the most common beauty woes. Here are some of the most important tips to keep in mind that should make you look beautiful and protected — from summer solstice up to the last days of summer!

  • Choose the right sunscreen.

SPF number tells how long you can stay protected under the sun. The longer time you plan to stay outdoors, the higher SPF would be required.

  • Find broad spectrum sun protection.

This will give you more sun protection and prevent burning caused by UVB rays. Sunscreens with broad spectrum sun protection also prevent deeper penetration of UVA rays which contributes to premature aging, fine lines, and even cause skin cancer.

  • Moisturise.

Keeping the skin hydrated does a lot of wonders! Staying hydrated enables your skin to fight off environmental aggressors like pollution, bacteria and moisture loss. Dry skin makes you more prone to damages and makes you look older and less radiant, too. Light and natural skin moisturiser should work as a shield that will protect you from dryness caused by sun exposure, as well as exposure to chlorine and sea salt.

  • Use primer before applying foundation.

You can avoid having uneven and blotchy look by using primer before applying a natural-based foundation. This will prevent contact between your skin and the foundation to achieve a flawless look even on days when your skin tends to be oily.

  • Choose waterproof beauty products.

Swimming is one of the most popular summer activities and you wouldn’t want to end up with smudged makeup or smeared mascara for choosing wrong products. Choose natural cosmetics that guarantee fool-proof results without unwanted effects!

  • Keep your essentials within reach.

You will never really know when you will need another application of sunscreen or when you have to moisturise again because of the intense heat. It’s best to keep your summer beauty essentials ready to get the protection you need, whenever, wherever.

Summer Solstice 2016 could be the start of something fun and wonderful especially if you will be able to incorporate the best beauty practices with your activities this season. Don’t spoil the excitement and adventure by keeping in mind the tips that can ensure a beautiful and worry-free summer!

What are your plans now that Summer Solstice 2016 has marked the start of an exciting season? Got questions about this article? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.