Super Fancy Gift Ideas for the Cosmetics Lover

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It’s the gift-giving season. As you complete your Holiday shopping list, there will be a point when you have to overcome your biggest challenge–finding the best present for your toughest recipient.

For sure, you’d want to find a gift that will impress a good friend, regardless if she already has everything. This may seem difficult, but knowing what she wants is the key to getting her the perfect present.

If it happens that your toughest recipient is someone whose bag is usually stacked with high-end makeup and beauty products, just read on to discover some of the super fancy gift ideas that will certainly make a cosmetics lover go crazy!

15 Super Fancy Gift Ideas for the Cosmetics Lover

15 Super Fancy Gift Ideas for the Cosmetics Junkie

1. Beauty Advent Calendar

Who wouldn’t be excited at the idea of opening tiny treasures from the 1st day of December until Christmas Eve? For a cosmetics lover, the Holiday season would be extra special with the beautiful surprises that an advent calendar packs!

Beauty Advent Calendar

Check out the Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar that offers luxurious baths, pampering body creams, nourishing hair products and fragrant body oils.

2. Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

A cosmetics lover will find it necessary to keep all her tools clean, whether she is a professional or not.

Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

This ultrasonic brush cleaner from Brush Pearl, you can let her keep her tools fresh and clean as it allows deep cleaning even while at home.

3. Dusk Eye Palette

For a friend who has a thing for perfecting her smoky eyes,Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Raw Garden eye shadow palette will be her treasure!

Dusk Eye Palette

Comes with 5 eyeshadow colours that are designed to reflect a metallic smoky eye look. It also has a reusable Neo-Victorian, lacquered case complete with a wide mirror and double-ended sponge applicator for precise eyeshadow application.

4. Jewel Encrusted Eyelash Curler

For someone who is obsessed with perfectly done lashes, an eyelash curler is a must-have! But if you think that it’s too ordinary, wait till you see this encrusted eyelash curler. Hot pink and gold crystals highlighting this curler made it the fancy addition to anyone’s makeup bag.

Jewel Encrusted Eyelash Curler

Check out this fabulous find from Lilly Lashes.

5. Highlighter Kit

Give her the highlighter kit of her dreams. With Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments™ Flash Luminizer, she will get a multi-tasking illuminator and cheek colour duo to fulfil her glam requirements.

Highlighter Kit

Comes with 3 colour options that work to add gorgeous shades and luminous sheen to every complexion. The two highlighter duos diffuse light to create a soft-focus & radiant effect. The bronzer, on the other hand, is used to create a sculpted look by adding contour & definition.

6. Lipstick Organizer

Is your friend a lipstick hoarder? This is the perfect gift for her. This lipstick organizer has 81 slots to hold precious lipsticks. It’s like giving those colourful tubes a home where they can perfectly fit.

Lipstick Organizer

Also works great for the organizing junkie. Its slots can also be used to hold mascara, brushes, eyeliners and more.

7. Anti-Ageing Oil

If there is one thing that beauty enthusiasts share in common, it’s the desire to look youthful and vibrant for long. A cosmetics lover would surely want to preserve her youthful glow and if you want to boost her confidence, you can settle for an effective and natural anti-ageing product that can help reduce the signs of ageing skin.

UMA Anti-Ageing-Oil

UMA Absolute Anti Aging Oil makes use of the most potent botanicals from nature to reduce visible signs of ageing, balance the skin, nourish it, and instantly promote a healthier and more vibrant-looking complexion.

8. Premium Makeup Box

There are labels that are just too hard to ignore–Victoria’s Secret is one of them. Don’t you think it would be great if your friend can house her collection in a premium and fashionable makeup box?

Premium Makeup Box

This guarantees to give your friend incomparable joy. Just imagine having a luxury kit that can hold every last piece of your makeup collection!

9. Oil Control Face Powder

Oil is usually a turn off–much more if it appears on the face. For a cosmetics lover, it would be a relief to find a face powder that works according to one’s condition.

Oil Control Face Powder

ILIA Beauty offers a finishing powder with a translucent shade. It helps keep the skin soft, supple and shine-free–resulting in a natural matte finish. Suitable for all skin types and tones, even for sensitive skin.

10. Cosmetic Organiser with Phone Stand

Looking for a gift that is suitable for a beauty junkie who’s hooked in the tutorials found on YouTube? Here’s the perfect gift.

Cosmetic Organiser with Phone Stand

Bamboo is a material used in furniture, but did you know that it can also find its place in your vanity? This bamboo cosmetic organiser with phone stand would be the perfect gift for cosmetics and beauty tutorials savvy.

11. Eyebrow Stencil

A cosmetics enthusiast is usually particular about perfecting her eyebrows. Make the task simpler with CHADO’s 5 Piece Eyebrow Stencils. This tool features five, transparent eyebrow guides to help achieve a face-flattering arch.

Eyebrow Stencil

When creating the perfect arches are a problem, this stencils will help maintain eyebrows that look professionally done. Durable and easy to use and clean, too.

12. Lipstick Kit

A beautiful smile isn’t always about the teeth. Whether you are wearing dental bridges, implants or plain natural teeth, your smile would be brighter with the right lipstick. Good thing, ILIA Beauty offers top-selling lip colours that are just too hard to resist. And with a limited edition pouch, a cosmetics lover wouldn’t dare miss it.

Lipstick Kit

This Limited Edition BAGGU copper pouch has 3 of ILIA Beauty’s top-selling lip colours, packed in a soft half-moon pouch made from naturally milled leather and comes with a metallic copper finish.

13. Makeup Primer

Makeup primer is an essential part of any beauty routine and makeup artists know that. No to prime is a crime, as they say, and you can give the gift of flawless finish with Zelen’s Velvet Primer.

Makeup Primer

Comes with mattifying and pore refining feature and works well for oily and combination skin types–complexions that are more prone to shine.

14. Makeup Brushes

There is a brush for a specific type of makeup and the results they produce will amaze you. If your friend is missing a brush in her collection, Alyaka has a range of makeup brushes from the best brands.

Makeup Brushes

Find a makeup brush from our collection, who knows you may find one for personal use, too!

15. Alyaka Beauty Box

If choosing the best gift leaves you in a state of confusion, try our beauty box that houses organic beauty products, skin care samples and some of our bestsellers.

Alyaka Beauty Box

Choose from our selection to find the discovery set that will make the perfect present for a loved one.

Still can’t decide on what to give a cosmetics lover? Let her do the shopping.

Gift Card

Alyaka’s gift card comes in various denominations so you can provide the perfect present without going over your budget.

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