Tea and coffee lovers of the world unite – only accept a fresh brew!

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Whether it’s an espresso in the morning to set yourself up for the day or a steaming cup of Earl Grey in the evening, tea and coffee are firm staples of most people’s lives. With the winter months still far from over, there’s little more comforting at this time of year than a warm mug of your favourite beverage.

Yet modern life waits for nobody, and more often than not, we are forced to compromise on our tea and coffee. Whether it’s having to grab a dull cup of coffee on the way to work, or simply not having the time and space to indulge in a fully-sized espresso machine, freshly brewed and satisfying drinks can be hard to come by.

Well, no more! Alyaka has gathered some of the best gadgets for tea and coffee lovers that will help you enjoy the perfect cup anywhere and at any time.

Home brewing your own coffee is all the rage, but on a morning when you need to commute, how do you take your coffee with you without it getting cold in a matter of minutes? The answer is the With Me Coffee Wand Warmer, a nifty little device that you dip into your drink and clip to the side of your mug, where it will keep your tea or coffee at the desired temperature. You can even charge it via USB from your computer, making it very useful when you’re travelling or a work.

For those caffeine fiends on the go who simply must have their espresso freshly brewed, you can’t get much fresher than by making it yourself! The Minipresso Hand-Held Espresso Machine¬†does exactly what it says on the tin; it provides fresh espresso in the palm of your hand. A great deal of engineering has gone into this gadget to ensure it delivers pressure of 116 psi – the optimal level for making coffee. Perfect for the coffee perfectionist on the go.

If you want absolute autonomy over your coffee and tea-making needs, look no further than the Blue Bottle Coffee Travel Kit. Packing up small enough to go in any rucksack or suitcase, it contains everything you need to brew a fresh cup of pour-over coffee in just about any situation. A survival kit that will suit both the intrepid traveller or the travelling salesman!

For the environmentalist (or the tech geek) we’d recommend checking out Miito and their fascinating alternative to inefficient limescale-ridden kettles. Using innovative induction heating technology, a single metal rod placed in your mug will heat the exact amount of required water to the exact temperature needed, saving both energy, time and money. Avid tea drinkers take note!

Every beverage-buff knows that good quality water is almost as important as the coffee beans or tea leaves themselves, yet modern filtration systems are often clunky and liable to block. That’s not the case with the Water Fall by KOR; it’s still in its infancy, but if you want to see it on your table soon, why not donate?

Alyaka says don’t settle for less – only accept a fresh brew!