Stunning Celebrity Nail Arts that You Can Copy

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It is during summer when people go for minimal layers of clothing. And if this happens to make you feel less fashionable, you can always rely on pretty nail arts that should complement your chic outfits this season!

So when the warm weather calls for some ‘me’ time, you can settle for a quick manicure or go daring with nail art of your liking. But, if you’re not really sure of what shades or designs to put on your nails, this article has all the information to help you decide.

Summer Nail Colors

9 Nail Colors that are Perfect for Summer

When it comes to the shades of summer, your options are endless. However, it is not just all about striking colours that are as bold as the sun. There are also muted tones that would be just as perfect when worn on your nails.

1. Denim Blue

Denim Blue Celebrity Nails

Veer away from the usual shade of blue. You’ll look great in summer even if you’ll go for an opaque shade of blue. Go from denim to dusty for a summer look that’s cool and not really loud.

2. Mauve

Mauve Nail Color

Don’t have much time to switch from one nail colour to another this summer? Mauve offers a neutral tone that you can easily pair with most of your outfits for the whole season.

3. Bright White

Bright White Nail Color

Go classic with a nail color that’s often associated with summer. White is not just a versatile shade. It will also help you make the summer bronze colour you worked hard for standout! 

4. Lilac

Lilac Nail Color

Does neon color no longer excites you? Switch to a refreshing nail color. Lilac doesn’t lack the impact that can best complement those with darker skin tones. 

5. Fuchsia

Fuchsia Nail Color

If you love pink but would like to go for a more vibrant one, bright fuchsia is the way to go. It’s chic and bold enough to give your nails a nice finish.

6. Mustard Yellow

Think yellow is too bright for your taste? Apply a mustard yellow nail color instead. You may even be surprised to see how this shade can greatly complement the dark and deep skin tone you acquired this summer.

7. Mint Green

The idea of cool mint complementing the blazing sun is already refreshing. What more if you can wear it on your nails? But that’s not all. Aside from its perfect summer feel, mint green, as well as other shades of green, are versatile enough to flatter a wide range of skin tones.

8. Sand Colour

If you’re not fond of getting sand on your feet, at least you can have this earthy colour on your toenails without the hassle. Even better, this neutral shade won’t limit your outfit choices.

9. Living Coral Nail Art

Living Coral Celebrity Nails

It’s still 2019 and you should not miss out on Pantone’s color of the year now that it’s summer! Wear it as a solid nail paint or use it to create a range of nail art designs.

Speaking of nail art, summer is the best time to play with colours and designs that are in sync with the season. And it’s not yet too late to choose how to design your nails. Here are some of the best nail art ideas inspired by celebrities!

Celebrity Nail Arts for Your Style Inspirations

Summer Fruits Nail Art

Summer Fruits Nail Art

Gigi Hadid’s celebrity nails showed off fruits that are often associated with summer. Just a mere look at it already creates a refreshing feeling. Imagine how nice and fun it would be to see the most popular fruits in summer spread across your nails!

Tie-Dye Nails

Tie-dye and summer go together like cookies and cream. Rita Ora showed off celebrity nails that create happy vibes especially with its tie-dye theme that perfectly flaunts the colours of summer!

Another celebrity who joined the tie-dye nail art bandwagon is Gigi Hadid. Unlike the previous one, this celebrity nail art features the bright summery yellow hue that’s made unique with its swirly effects.

Multicolored Celebrity Nails

Multicolored Celebrity Nails

Kendall Jenner is one celebrity who wouldn’t mind experimenting with colours–at least, this is how it seems based on how she got her nails painted! Her multicoloured celebrity nails were not just daring. They will also remind you of fun and carefree days–just like how summer should be!

Sunflower Nail Design

Kendall Jenner usually makes it to the list of style inspirations and this summer, you should not fail to see her season-inspired celebrity nails! The beauty and colour of the handpainted sunflowers against a clear base are definitely worthy of a second look.

Coloured French Tips

Coloured French Tips Nail Art

Gone are the days when French manicures only come with white tips. Sure enough, Bella Hadid knows this. Find inspiration from her colourful tips that are not limited to neutral tones. In fact, her celebrity nails show off shades that basically speak ‘the brighter, the better’.  

Neon Stars Nail Art

The Festival Season may soon be over but not the Coachella inspired nail art. Take it from Kylie Jenner’s celebrity nails when she attended the much talked about festivals. It would be hard to not fall for a nail design that features stars in different shades of neon.

Shimmery Nails

Shimmery Celebrity Nail Arts
Image Source: Imaan Hammam

Are you a fan of things that shine and shimmer? Imaan Hammam showed off celebrity nails that glitter. With neon tips and soft shimmering details, this nail art offers the perfect way to complement the beauty of the blazing sun–not to mention, it can also turn attention your way.

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Summer styling is usually the time to go minimalist when it comes to dressing up. But you can also take advantage of the season to go a step higher when it comes to your nails. Go bold, explore, and flaunt your nails. Paint them with the colours of summer and even play up with nail arts that will allow you to mimic the most famous celebrity nails!

If you have been looking for ways to reinvent your look, you should not just focus on your hair and outfit. Your nails deserve some attention, too.  The celebrity nail arts featured above are just some of the examples you can try for your reinvention!

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