The iPhone Beauty Apps That Will Transform Your Image

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With the launch of the iPhone 6, it seems that the spotlight is once again the incredible range of apps that have been made available through the App Store. You can find everything you need from productivity apps, to exercise and weight-loss trackers, as well as recipe, news and social networking apps. As the famous Apple slogan goes, for almost any activity – ‘There’s an app for that’. But have you ever wondered about the range of phenomenal beauty apps that are available on the App Store? Be sure there are some exceptional offerings available. The list we have put together for you won’t just help you achieve a more beautiful look, but these apps have the potential to completely transform how you are perceived by your friends and peers. Use these beauty apps to unlock your own potential, and show the world how unique and alluring you can be.


Vensette is an app that has been developed by the on-demand beauty service provider to match the incredible quality of user experience available on the Vensette website.  The concept on the app is the same as through the website, with users able choose a hair or makeup style to inspire their look, book a visit time and location, then wait for a professional artist to come to them. To date, Vensette has been praised for its trusted, convenient, consistent and professional service that has secured the business and its app coverage on news sites like Vanity Fair, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Currently, Vensette and its app is in a relatively embryonic stage, only offering services in NYC and Los Angeles.  Despite this, if you are ever holidaying to either of those iconic cities, or even just want some inspiration on a new look for your makeup or hair, the Vensette app is well worth downloading. Download the app here


Picture the scene – you’re in New York.  You’ve been on a long flight to get there and the next afternoon you have an incredibly important meeting that you need to look and feel great for.  This is where the app ‘Beautified’ becomes so very useful. Whether you’re looking for a massage, bikini or brow wax, a haircut, a makeover, facial, pedicure, manicure or fitness class in New York, you can use Beautified to find it and book it.  It’s so easy to use that it has been praised in the like of Elle, Vanity Fair and Vogue. The app has recently turned one, and is still making waves with the throngs of fashionistas, tourists and business people flowing through New York.  If you’re looking for an app that can help you be beautiful in New York, then make sure you download Beautified. Download the app here

ModiFace Virtual Makeover


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This is an app for the perfectionists amongst us. It’s billed as a tool for professionals, but that shouldn’t put you off downloading this app and experimenting with different combinations of makeup products and hairstyles. The app works by letting you upload a new picture of yourself, an image from Facebook, or a pre-captured image of a model that you very accurately apply various makeup and hair styles to. You can then buy the combinations of products that you have used directly through the app, and get them shipped out to your location. This means that if you want to perfect a makeup look for your face, eyes, lips or nails, then you need look no further than the Modiface Virtual Makeover. It’s a superb app that will help you create, embellish or perfect your own beauty style. Download the app here

Beautiful Me

MODIFACE 2013 02 03 from modiface on Vimeo. Beautiful Me is another app brought to you by the clever people at ModiFace (who also made the Virtual Makeover) on our list. This app has been described as like having your own personal team of beauty experts at your beck and call; providing you with information on what foundation you should use, your true skin tone and undertone and a detailed skin analysis containing information on aging. If you’re concerned about your skin, or don’t think that you’re using the right products to maintain your skin, then this is a great app. It provides detailed, accurate feedback that can really help you transform your beauty profile to help you feel better about yourself and transform how you are perceived by your peers. Download the app here We hope that these apps will help you further refine or embellish your own beauty profile, as well as helping you identify some of the most luxurious salons in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.