Trending Hairstyles that Will Make You Valentine’s Day Ready

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One of the most wonderful perks of having a crowning glory is that you won’t run out of ways to style it. And when it comes to hair trends, you can never let your guard down. Seasons change and so do the most popular hair colours, cuts, updos, braids, and everything in between. 

If you want to switch up your look this romantic season, you might want to give your locks a refresh and up your mane game with the hairstyles that are on the rise this year.

On the hunt for the perfect hairdo that makes a bold statement, all the while evoking a stylish and chic appeal? Look no further because this ultimate list of 2020 hair trends will definitely make you date-ready for Valentine’s Day!   

22 Latest Hair Trends

22 Latest Hair Trends You’d Fall in Love with this Season

Short Hair Trends for Women

1. Pixie Cut 

Not a lot of women dare to cut their hair extremely short, but if you’re feeling a bit bold this 2020, then a pixie hairstyle is your match. Go on and bid goodbye to long hair. This chin-length hair trend will never fall short in making you feel confident as you get all glammed-up for your Valentine’s date. 

Pixie Cut | Trending Hairstyles

Tip: Try out a pixie with bangs hairstyle! Bangs and cropped pixie may not sound like a good pair at first but once you see celebrities flaunt them, you’d understand why they’re making headlines in the fashion community. 

2. Textured Bob

It can’t be denied that bob cut has been sitting pretty on the hair trends list in recent years. It’s a position justified, though, given its edginess, beauty, and a little bit of masculinity combined – plus it’s the perfect way to let your jawline garner the attention it deserves.

Textured Bob

This trending hairstyle is about creating volume, geometry, and movement all at the same time. It’s the perfect trim for sleek dresses that show off your curves, just enough to leave your date awestruck on your romantic dinner.    

For Valentine’s Day this year, give your classic bob a style refresh and incorporate some waves into your locks. A wavy bob makes the perfect cut if you’re aiming for an overall look that screams ‘cool chic’. 

3. Soft Blunt 

A blunt cut is ideal for gals who like grabbing attention with their short, thin hair. Add a soft bob to it and you’ve got yourself a head-turner hair trend that does not only make your hair appear thick but also highlights your facial features. Imagine wearing a bold street style outfit with dark lipstick and killer heels as you make your way to your Valentine’s date. 

Soft Blunt Hairstyle

4. Layered Pixie Cut 

The ear-length crop is often a no-no for women with thick hair, since it may end up looking awkward and all over the place. However, there’s a one-word tip that will show you how to rock this hair trend. It’s the texture. 

Layered Pixie Cut Hairstyle

So if you feel like your hair volume will never do this hairstyle justice, you better chop your worries off. Let the layers and spikes do wonders in making your hair fall and flow effortlessly this Valentine’s Day.   

5. Messy Low Bun 

If you think a messy bun seems far-fetched given your short hair length, you better think again. Not everyone might recognize this method but a messy low bun certainly elicits the same appeal as the high option. It’s a clever route to take if you want to achieve that effortlessly gorgeous look for your Valentine’s date. 

Messy Low Bun Trending Hairstyle

True enough, this 2020 hair trend doesn’t break much sweat when it comes to styling. Simply tie your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck and allow a few strands to fall freely across your face for that ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed’ look. 

Tip: To complete your Valentine’s Day look this year, match your messy low bun with feminine outfits – think of flowy floral dresses or pastel skirts. 

6. Bob with Undercut

Bobs and undercuts are already daring trims on their own, what more if you combine the two? Make way for the bob with an undercut as it steals a spot in the most popular hairstyles this 2020. This mane trend can make your strong features more prominent. So if you want your date to take notice of your flattering facial profile, then there’s no reason to give this hair trend a try this Valentine’s Day. 

Bob with Undercut

7. A-Line Bob

It is indeed an era of bob cuts. For your Valentine’s Day beauty preps this year, give an A-line bob a go and strut the streets with full confidence. This hair trend gives emphasis on beauty in asymmetry.

A-Line Bob

It takes an opposite route from the conventional concept of proportions wherein your mane starts with shorter lengths from the back and lengthens towards the front. The layers and waves will definitely improve your mane game! 

Mid-Length Hair Trends for Women 

8. Blunt Collarbone Trim

Tired of the usual blunt cuts and want to try something stylish for Valentine’s Day this year? Then give the collarbone cut a go. If you’re looking to find a hairstyle that speaks volumes of versatility, this 2020 hair trend is the answer. 

Blunt Collarbone Trim

A collarbone lob goes well with any outfit and it’s a brilliant choice if you’re on your way to spending your date in different settings – be it a formal dinner or a romantic ‘stroll in the park’ type of moments. 

Tip: Add subtle waves to give your hair a voluminous effect. 

9. Deep Side Part 

You don’t have to give your hair a big trim to keep it up-to-date with the latest trends. Even just a simple relocation of strands can make a huge difference – and that is what a deep side part hairstyle is all about. Whether you’re up for a bun, ponytail, pixie, bob, curls, or straight lob, this popular style will certainly give you a brand new look for Valentine’s season without having to visit your salon.  

10. Side-swept Bangs

Bangs never go out of style. They’re finishing touches that can sweep people off their feet, including your Valentine’s date. So if you’re having second thoughts on whether or not cut a few strands, then the fact that side-swept bangs one of the trending hairstyles this year might just be enough to seal the deal. 

Side-swept Bangs

Whether you opt for a layered, soft, sleek straight, or even a side-swept fringe, this style is here to show you what chicness overload exactly means.

11. Buns with Streaks

Buns are among the go-to hairstyles for many ladies who are always on the go. If you want to give this simple and easy look chic and fashionable spin, try going for coloured streaks. Painting your locks with vibrancy is a surefire way to catch attention with just a few strands. As some would say, it’s the smallest touches that can make a huge impact. 

This hairstyle is especially ideal for busy women who can’t seem to find time for all the curling and braiding for their Valentine’s dates. Let the bun with streaks do the magic.  

12. Straight Lob with Ombre Blend

Lobs (also known as long bobs) are great and all, but have you tried adding beautiful ombre effect to your mane? When it comes to hairstyling, ombre blends will always be a stunner. Show off your sleek style and take your shoulder-length blunt cut to the next level with a touch of colours.  

Straight Lob with Ombre Blend

Tip: This 2020, you might want to explore the trendy deep grey to light silver ombre for your lob.       

13. Middle Part Ponytail 

Since the middle part ponytail became extremely popular during the 90s, this trending hairstyle is never a bad idea if you’re feeling like going retro on a romantic season. Simply pin your hair into a low pony and leave thin tendrils out at the front. This centre-part style can also make you look professional, allowing you to channel your inner lady boss personality.   

Tip: If you’re struggling to lock your mane in place, hairsprays are here to drive your woes away.  A quick spritz will help you achieve a sleek hairstyle that remains well-polished even after hours of spending time with your Valentine’s date. 

14. Half-up Top Knot

What better way to style your lob than to pair it with a knot? You’ll never go wrong with a half-up top knot if you want a voluminous style that looks gorgeous in a mid-length crop and brings out that sweet girl in you. 

Half-up Top Knot Trending Hairstyles

For your Valentine’s date this year, going for girly outfits in soft tones with this trending hairstyle will definitely make you bloom.   

Long Hair Trends for Women

15. One-Length Cut

A no-fuss hairstyle, such as a one-length cut, is perfect for women who love keeping their locks long and straight. It’s simple, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a bold statement. In fact, this type of trim doesn’t seem to have plans on leaving the trends list anytime soon. The secret to pulling this off is taming your hair and keeping it healthy from the roots, mid-lengths, and all the way to the ends.  

Tip: Opt for anti-frizz hair care products and spritz a minimal amount of hairspray for an added sheen effect. 

16. Shag Bangs

Some hair trends come and go, but there are also others that make a grand return after a few decades. Shag bangs perfectly exemplify the latter as this hairstyle that was popular way back in the ’70s is making a huge comeback this 2020! The textured curtain fringe is a great addition to any hair length. 

Shag Bangs

This trending hairstyle makes a great pair with any outfit. So if you’re planning on achieving a versatile yet chic look this Valentine’s season, shag bangs style is just right up your alley. Even the full-length shaggy hair is a crowd favourite as well. 

17. Hair Combs 

Trending hairstyles aren’t only about the cuts and colours. Sometimes additional accessories can also do the tricks, just like how hair combs leave a great fashion impression. These can complete your romantic look, especially if you want to make an ethereal appeal the most chic style there is. 

If you want to accentuate your side profile, pin them along the sides. You can also sweep the accessory all the back part of your hair for a brush-up style.

18. Vintage Curls 

Whoever said that vintage curls are out should definitely witness this classic Hollywood style dominate the hair trends list this 2020. The bouncy retro curls speak volumes of elegance and sophistication as if they’re especially made for a fine dining type of romantic date. 

Vintage Curls

19. Short Bangs

Bangs are always a striking addition to any hair length. For Valentine’s Day this year, sport short bangs that sit right above your eyebrows. With this hair trend, it’ll be easier for you to style your long hair – whether you want to throw it into a pony or leave it shiny straight. 

20. French Twists 

You have every reason to love this 2020 hair trend. French twists or braids, give you a clean and refined look, keeping your locks away from your face. Whether you’re off to Valentine’s date on the park, restaurant, or movie house, this is the one to beat when it comes to versatility and style. 

French Twists

21. Braided Up Buns 

This might not be the most popular item on the list, but don’t reject the idea just yet because braided up buns are claiming a spot in the hair trends list this 2020!  It’s a unique hairstyle that evokes a sophisticated yet edgy feel. 

So if you’re not afraid to explore and experiment, this trending hairstyle is definitely worth a try for your Valentine’s season beauty preps. Not only will it give your look a refresh, but will also show the quirky soul in you.  

22. Balayage Black Hair 

This hair trend definitely deserves a moment of recognition for its style. Flaunt your black long hair with balayage highlights in shades of subtle light brown such as hazelnut, copper, or caramel. This trending hairstyle works best with naturally wavy locks. You can also try out trims of face-framing waves for added movement and dimension.  

Best Hair Care Products and Tools

12 Best Hair Care Products and Tools To Help You Rock Any Hair Trend 

1. Rahua Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment 

Rahua Founder's Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment


If your hair has already been overly exposed to damaging chemicals, you might want to opt for a hair care product that is guaranteed to be all-natural. Rahua Founder’s Blend Scalp & Hair Treatment, which is 100% vegan, is your ultimate product in breathing life to your weak hair roots and dry scalp. 

Achieving a shiny one-length cut or wavy balayage hair isn’t far from reach when you have this non-toxic topical treatment.  

2.  Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray

Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray


Looking for an eco-friendly product that will keep your locks in place? Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray is an all-natural hair care essential that does not contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates – plus it’s animal cruelty-free! It will definitely give you a spritz of confidence, all the while protecting the environment. 

3. Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Conditioner

Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Conditioner

Gloss Moderne

Regardless of length, your hair needs paramount attention when it comes to care and maintenance.Whether you opt for a blunt cut, straight lob, or shags, this clean luxury conditioner by Glass Moderne is a must-have product to keep your hair soft and glowing.  

4. David Mallett Volume Powder 

David Mallett Volume Powder

David Mallett 

Achieving a naturally bouncy hair that lasts long isn’t far-fetched when you have this Volume Powder by David Mallett. This is perfect for trending hairstyles that require dimension and movement. The bonus part? It has a captivating scent of green tea! 

5. SHOW Beauty Curl Enhancing Lotion

SHOW Beauty Curl Enhancing Lotion

SHOW Beauty 

SHOW Beauty Curl Enhancing Lotion is a must-try product for all the gals who want to flaunt their waves and curls. It makes the patterns and motions more defined while keeping your hair strong and nourished. The best part is it has a UVA/B protection that can guard your hair against the damaging effects of the sun. 

6. John Masters Organics Repair Mask for Damaged Hair

John Masters Organics Repair Mask for Damaged Hair

John Masters Organics

If damage is one of the things that deter you from trying out the latest hair trends this year, it’s time to apply John Masters Organics Repair Mask for Damaged Hair. It will give your mane a weekly rehab that will restore the structure and moisture of your locks. 

7. Bachca Detangling Hair Brush 

Bachca Detangling Hair Brush


Taming your hair is not exactly an easy feat if you have fragile and easily-tangled hair. Props to this wooden hair brush, you won’t have to struggle about hair loss and split ends with its nylon bristles. This tool is perfect for those who aren’t ready for the big chop and instead choose to flaunt a long hair trend the healthiest way. 

8. David Mallett Mask No. 3 La Couleur

David Mallett Mask No. 3 La Couleur

David Mallett 

So you feel like giving your hair some touch of vibrance? David Mallett has developed a product that is ideal for colour-treated hair – the MASK No. 3 La Couleur. It provides molecular-level nourishment and can prolong your hair colour.  With this hair care product, there’s no reason to keep up with the trendy balayage or ombre blend. 

9. UKA Wake up! Hair Care Set 

UKA Wake up! Hair Care Set


Planning on a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget to include this hair care set by UKA in your travel essentials list to keep your mane in top form at all times. Being miles away from home doesn’t mean you should leave behind your 

10. SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray

SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray

SHOW Beauty

It’s hard not to love this Premiere Finishing Spray by SHOW Beauty, which is beneficial if you’d like to try out hair trends that demand a moveable hold. It is suitable for all hair types and has sun and colour fade protection features. 

11. Slip Silk Large Scrunchies ‘Black’ 

Slip Silk Large Scrunchies 'Black'


Show off your trendy buns with these Slip’s elastic scrunchies designed for delicate hair. These were developed and refined for over ten years to get the perfect combination of softness, durability and thickness. 

12. Sachajuan Styling Cream

Sachajuan Styling Cream


Whether you’re in love with natural-looking waves or straight shiny locks, this styling cream enriched with Sachajuan Ocean Silk Technology is here to make your hairstyle looking better than ever. This product is suitable for all hair types and guaranteed free from parabens and sulphates.  

Keeping up with the latest hair trends is an exciting game that you probably never want to get left behind. As you explore with different hair trends this year, never overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy mane as well. Style combined with proper hair care can help you achieve that overall look enough to make your date’s jaw drop. 

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