Trendy Swimsuits that Will Rule this Summer!

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Summer season is fast approaching and you may already have plans to jet off to a tropical hideaway. But before packing for your trip, have you already picked the best swimsuits for your much-awaited getaway?

Finding the best swimwear this summer is not just the perfect reward for those who resisted the urge to give in to their cravings. It is also the perfect piece for those who want to show off some confidence donning their beachwear!

If you haven’t gone shopping yet or if there’s still space in your luggage, check out these trendy swimsuits categorized according to their colorways, prints, and details!

Trendy Swimsuits for Summer

16 Trendy Swimsuits to Complete Your Summer Getaway

Trendy Swimsuit Colors

1. Neon

You might shy away from wearing swimsuits in neon hues but did you know that this color can actually create flattering results? They’re not just pretty, these trendy swimsuits can also make you look like you’re blessed with a deeper tan.

Orange Trendy Swimsuits

2. Orange

It would be easy to find orange clothing and accessories almost anywhere. This is because orange hues have made their appearance in the NYFW. This color is also stealing the scene in terms of beachwear–with trendy swimsuits that come in orange hues.

3. Rust

Rust is the new neutral and this is another shade that you’ll probably see everywhere. You’ll love wearing this shade of brown with a touch of red undertone because basically, it looks good on anyone.

Two-Tone Trendy Swimsuits

4. Two-Tone

Can’t choose between two colors for a trendy swimsuit? Not to worry, this summer you’ll be seeing more two-toned swimsuits and bikinis to satisfy your needs this season.

5. Tie-Dye

Summer and tie-dye are two things that seem to be perfect for each other. But it’s not just all about tie-dyed shirts. There’s more reason to rejoice because this beach season, you can try out this style–whether in a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit.

Metallic Trendy Swimsuits

6. Metallics

Dare to dry something bolder? Go for metallics! Getting a little more attention than usual is easy with trendy swimsuits in metallic shades. What’s even more exciting is you can go for options that range from glittery to flashy!

Trendy Swimsuit Prints

7. Animal Prints

Animal prints usually make a person look fierce and confident. But when used in swimsuits, the impact is just twice as savage! Slay the look in trendy swimwear. Find the animal print in designs that suit you!

Polka Dots Trendy Swimsuits

8. Polka-dots

Nobody’s too old for polka dots. This cheerful design is an all-time favorite but it’s having its moment now when it comes to swimwear. But wait, polka-dots aren’t all about teeny-weeny bikinis. You can find a range of styles for all shapes and sizes!

9. Stripes

Another classic design that has its own following. Striped clothing and accessories seem like staples. And now that it has become an ‘in’ thing for trendy swimwear, expect to see these pretty lines in the beaches you’ll visit this summer.

Trendy Swimsuit Detailing

Underwire Top Trendy Swimsuits

10. Underwire Tops

Think swimsuits with underwire tops are out for good? Not really! In fact, they have recently reemerged in the fashion scene. Poised to be one of this year’s most popular swimsuit style, whether you prefer a bikini or a trendy one-piece swimsuit.

11. Capped Sleeve

This year, ‘more-is-more’ describes the philosophy in trendy swimsuits. Capped sleeve swimsuits will make their appearance, providing not just style but added sun protection at the same time. It is a class of its own that speaks style and functionality.

Trendy Swimsuits with Hardware

12. Hardware

What do you think of having hoops and rings as accessories for your swimwear? Well, this is one trend that dictates swimwear fashion this summer. Whether as an accent or to hold together your swimsuit, you’ll appreciate the loops, rings, or even belts that add flair to usual bikinis.

13. Ruffles

Want to keep it stylish but sweet, a ruffle detailing on your swimsuit will do the trick! Ruffles add a feminine touch to swimwear. You’ll love a minimalist design that is refreshing and eye-catching at the same time!

Trendy Swimsuits with Knots

14. Knots

You’ll be seeing lots of pretty knots this summer! With a little customization, you can literally create a ‘twist’ to the usual swimsuits you see. Knotted bikinis and swimsuits allow you to get a little more creative with what you usually wear to the beach.

15. Sporty

Want to be more comfortable in your swimwear? Surf, play beach volley, or just enjoy wearing trendy swimsuits with sporty detailing. Beachwear doesn’t always have to be fringes and sweet things. You’ll also look great in bikinis even when they come with zippers, drawstrings, and others.

Retro Trendy Swimsuits

16. Retro

Have you missed the ‘80s? Make it a ‘take-me-back’ summer with swimsuits that come with retro detailing. ‘Tis the season to go for ultra high-cut swimsuits, tankini suits, and those with retro prints and colors!

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit

Tips in Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit

Identify Your Body Shape

Before spending time browsing styles and designs of trendy swimsuits, you first need to know your body shape. A swimsuit that looks good on others may not look as flattering on you.

Don’t know what your body shape is? Below is a guide to help you.

Types of Body Shape
  • Pear Shape: This is seen among people with hips that are wider than their waist and bust.
  • Apple Shape: If your waist is wider than your hips or almost the same size as your bust, this is your body shape.
  • Hourglass Shape: Seen in people whose bust and hips size are almost the same size and have a smaller waist.
  • Straight: This body shape generally describes thin people–with hips and bust size almost having no size difference.

Choose the Right Cut

There are swimsuit cuts that can enhance your features. Likewise, making the wrong choice will work the other way around.

When choosing the right swimsuit cut, here are some points to keep in mind:

  • A tankini can give emphasis to your waist.
  • On the contrary, a high-waisted swimsuit will hide the waist.
  • To elongate the legs, a high cut bikini would be your best choice.
  • If you have narrow hips, choose boy shorts to make them look wide.
  • Want to avoid drawing attention to your bust? Avoid haltered, triangle tops, and tie-front bikini tops.
  • Make your bust look smaller with wide strapped swimsuits. One with a thick chest band also works for added support.
  • If you want to make your bust or hips look bigger, go for trendy swimsuits with fuzzy details like hardware or ruffles.

Pay Attention to Big (and Small!) Details

There are details that can make a swimsuit work to cover your flaws and enhance your assets too! This is the reason why you have to be picky in choosing the color, pattern, and fabric of your swimsuit.

Fabric choice affects how body volume is perceived while patterns and bright colors can bring the attention of people to assets you want to be seen. On the other hand, solid colors work to conceal your problem areas–the perfect solution to keep flabs from getting unwanted attention!

The sun is out with a wide range of trendy swimsuits for every personality, there surely is no better place to be than the beach!

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