Unforgettable Scandinavian Tours

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So often forgotten, the dramatic and sweeping landscape of Scandinavia provides a unique, unspoiled and alternative travel destination for 2015. The preoccupation with sun and sea often prevents travellers from seeking the very best adventure, but a tour of Nordic countries can provide an unforgettable experience.


Best Scandinavian Tours

Norway is famous for its fjords and it is little wonder why. Its stunning views are best seen from a luxury cruise ship, but the landscape is also perfect for hikes. The unspoiled and unbeaten scenery makes for the perfect romantic backdrop, and fjord tours are becoming increasingly popular as the country promotes the beauty of its majestic waterfalls and striking mountains.

Wildlife safaris are also a fantastic draw to the area – is there anything more exciting than seeing a wild polar bear? Or even coming face to face with the bizarre red king crab? Maybe spotting whales takes your fancy? Whether you’re looking for animal experiences or glacier walking, Norway provides exceptional experiences.


Best Scandinavian Tours

From the exclusive luxury of the ice hotels to the snowy adventures with the Sami, Sweden is a hidden adventure holiday treasure. Skiing, dog-sledding and ice skating are the perfect activities for the active and snow loving visitor, while summer months may be spent playing golf or exploring the lush green landscape of the country, whether by hiking in the national parks or kayaking on the magical waters. Even the city of Stockholm provides an amazing experience, particularly in the historic old town, which boasts a wealth of historic buildings, landmarks and museums, including the world famous Vasa museum.

Best Scandinavian Tours

The area is so stunningly beautiful that Lonely Planet recognised Abisko National Park as one of the most illuminating experiences of 2015, so why not celebrate the UN Year of Light by seeing the spectacular Northern Lights in the park?



Perhaps nothing is more exciting to families than visiting Father Christmas, and visiting Lapland can provide the ultimate winter adventure. To visit Santa himself, head for Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle, the capital of Lapland and the hometown of beloved Saint Nick, where reindeer are sure to be sighted and Father Christmas can be visited every day of the year.

Best Scandinavian Tours

For those who seek the ultimate in wilderness experiences, the contrasting seasons can provide 24 hour sunlight in the summer and continuous darkness in the winter; a truly alien experience guaranteed to inspire, particularly when the aurora borealis is spotted. If you wish to get even closer to nature, ice fishing and hunting (even reindeer hunting) are sure to bring you the experience you have been searching for.

So could a Scandinavian tour be what you’re looking for? Certainly off the beaten track, the Scandinavian countries provide an unparalleled wild experience combined with the effortless luxury of historic and wealthy cities. Why visit anywhere else?