What to Wear on Valentine’s Day: 20 Outfit & Makeup Ideas

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The preparations are not yet over as the love month has just started. February is a busy time for the romantics–and whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying life as a single, there’s always a way to celebrate the day.

So what are your Valentine’s day plans–better yet, what will be your look on that special day?

No matter how busy you may be in planning your celebration, you should also pay attention to the go-to-look that you’d wear on Valentine’s day–that means putting on the makeup and outfit that will make you feel at your best.

From casual dates with friends to romantic night-outs, you should not fail in dressing the part. And if you are already running out of ideas, this article will take the stress off your shoulders as it presents 20 outfit and makeup ideas to create your gorgeous look.

20 Valentine's Day Makeup & Outfit Ideas

20 Valentine’s Day Makeup & Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

#1. Make a Statement with a Red Hot Outfit

There’s no better shade associated with Valentine’s day than the colour red. Certainly, you have every reason to mix and match this hue to create a gorgeous ensemble. A red tailored suit would be a great choice for formal affairs. But if you want to keep it nice and sweet, a red top and a high-waisted skirt will do.

Red Hot Valentine's Day Outfit

#2. Look Passionate in Maroon

The charm of this colour makes it a perfect choice for your Valentine’s day outfit and styling especially when textures come into play. To maintain a well-grounded look, go for neutral accessories. A fur coat with a rich colour gives you the winter attire to keep you stylish and comfy.

Maroon Accessories

TIP: A monochrome look would be easy to pull off with a maroon outfit and lipstick.

#3. Be a Blushing Beauty

Blush accents allow a look that seems to overflow with affection and pulling this off can be as easy as matching a blush pink coat with white pants or looking dramatic in a maxi dress with blush accents.

Blushing Beauty

#4. Look Pretty In Pink

Valentine’s day is one occasion when you can never be too sweet, so you can wear pink as much as you want without looking off. Keep it fashionable by mixing leather and metal accessories with your ensemble.

Pretty in Pink Valentine's Day outfit

TIP: Off to a casual date? A pink top and denim pants or skirt never fail to create a whimsy look.

#5. Put your Shine On

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to sparkle–that means putting on the glitz! A shimmery high-waist skirt is key. Basically, you can create a range of outfits around it. You’d be surprised to see how a basic top will look superb with it. Complete with tall boots and you’re all set for Valentine’s date!

Shiny Valentine's Day Outfit

#6. Pull Off a Chic, Boho Look

Boho fashion is absolutely back in the scene and you have every reason to wear the look on Valentine’s day. Your boho essentials, come in a wide variety, from tunics to leather leggings, shawl, long necklace, pumps or gladiator shoes.

Chic, Boho Look

TIP: Top off the look by letting your hair loose with soft beach waves and with a simple makeup.

#7. Choose Denim for Casual Dressing

Planning for a casual night-out? Your good ol’ denim can do great wonders. A denim dress would be your easy, but stylish choice. You can also mix and match your favourite pair of jeans with a tank top and wedges.

Denim Dress for Valentine's outfit

#8. Add a Hint of Dark Romance

Black makes for an easy recipe for a glamorous look and if you are planning a night out, this is the way to go. Black adds an unexpected twist to a sweet and romantic look. If you’re not a pink or red person, you can always break the colour with a touch of black.

Dark Valentine's Look

TIP: Why not wear a black dress with a pink scarf or just wear a sheer dress with red shoes? Little details can make you a knockout.

#9. Put Your Bling On

Valentine’s Day could mean a whole day of partying. So, whether you’re out for a day date or off to a night out, you can add some bling to your look. From a cute blingy dress to styling with accents like chunky earrings, necklaces, bracelets and clutch, it would be easy to create your fashion statement on V-day.

Blingy Look

#10. Your LBD Never Fails!

The classic little black dress is always a girl’s best friend. Look sexy in this dress and complete the look with elegant accessories, especially on a formal dinner date. Don’t forget to bring your dress coat, in case the night gets overly cold.

Little Black Dress

TIP: Look classically chic with your LBD by pairing it with your red pumps and tying your hair in a sophisticated, low ponytail. There are also classy but easy hairstyles that you can try.

Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

#11. Flutter Your Lashes

False eyelashes are in and if there is one day when you shouldn’t fail wearing one, it’s an occasion that is as special as Valentine’s day. False eyelashes now come in natural textures and materials–application should be a breeze.

False Eyelashes

#12. Nail the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

Look natural by mastering the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Simplicity is beauty and you’d surely love the natural glow that goes well for daytime or nighttime affairs.

No Makeup Makeup Look

How to: Your makeup essentials will include nothing but nude colours. Layer lightly, then start filling in your brows, apply a bit of eyeshadow before doing your lashes, and top it off with a layer of lipstick. Add the blue shadow on top then gently smudge the makeup for a smoky effect.

#13. Go for a Romantic Look

You’ll never look too sweet, especially on Valentine’s day. Try a soft makeup that will make you look prepared for a romantic dinner. Wear this look by using a light bronze shade for your lid and a matte rose lipstick.

Romantic Valentine's Day Makeup

#14. Look Sultry with Modern Shadow

Your eyes deserve getting extra attention and you can pull that off by choosing an edgy eyeshadow. Break the rule of red with a metallic steel blue shadow that will surely give you sultry eyes!

Sultry Valentine's Day Makeup

How to: Blend a thin layer of shadow primer on the base of your eyelids. Then using a black eyeliner, frame your upper and lower lash lines.

#15. Keep it Simple, but Sexy

On Valentine’s day, you can look sexy without having to go overboard. Perfect a winged eye then finish with a pale pink lipstick. These simple strokes will make you look more sexy than usual.

Simple Valentine's Makeup

#16. Colour Your Lips Red

As you know, red is the colour of Valentine’s day and if you can’t stand wearing one, you can at least wear it on your lips. Red lips create a striking balance especially with full brows, soft blush and lined eyes.

Red Lipstick for Valentine's Day Makeup

How to: Create the perfect red lips by first, choosing a rich tone that matches almost any complexion. Use a lip liner with the same colour to outline and fill your entire lips. Then use a lip brush for the precise application of your lipstick, preferably one that is neither shiny or matte.

#17. Go for a Fun and Bold Look

Valentine’s Day is a day of fun and this should show on your looks. Go easy with the eye makeup by adding a little shimmer and of course, a few swipes of waterproof mascara.

Fun and Bold Look

#18. Try Muted Lips

J Lo has defined the new sexy with nude and muted lips. Good thing, you can copy her look.

Muted Lips

How to: First, dab foundation on your lips using a slightly wet makeup sponge to neutralise the red shade in your lips. Select a nude shade of lipstick, particularly those with peachy undertones, then apply.

#19. Mellow Down with a Copper Eyeshadow

If a full smoky eye makeup appears too serious for you, then a rich copper shadow will suit you just right. This offers a universally flattering metallic colour for your eyes. Finish off with a black or charcoal liner.

Copper Eyeshadow

#20. Keep it Neat with Pastel Eyes

Simple and pleasant, this is what you’ll achieve by applying a demure eyeshadow. Look for one with a lavender shade to stay in line with Pantone’s colour of the year.

Pastel Eyeshadow

How to: Apply your eyeshadow below the crease. To open up the eyes, carefully mix the shade at the inner corner. Stay free from the mess of wearing bold shades by choosing a silky and crease-resistant makeup.

Take your pick from these Valentine’s Day outfit and makeup ideas to look gorgeous and all set for a day of fun and pleasant memories on this special day.

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