Wearable Technology Options that Improve Overall Well-Being

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2015 has been the year of wearable technology with a vast variety of fitness and health tracking devices available in the market. These devices are changing the game of health and fitness, each tracking wristband allows you to monitor your health status at a glance. If you are serious about losing weight or just want to improve your health, these devices will guide you to meet your goals one step at a time.
If you are considering purchasing a device to help you track your fitness goals and health status, there are plenty of wearable device to assist monitoring your overall well-being.

Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand

If you’re looking for more functions compared to the Fitbit Flex, the Sony SmartBand offers more options to monitor your health. The SmartBand connects to your Android phone via Bluetooth to sync all the collected data seamlessly. The fitness band not only tracks your movements and heart rate but notifies you of you’ve receive a call, text or email with a light vibration. Since the device doesn’t offer a screen to view the message received, you will have to keep your phone near you.

The silicone casing is similar to the FitBit with a soft and rubbery texture that prevents a tacky residue during sweaty activities. Another addition to the SmartBand is the device buzzes if your phone is too far away, in case you forget your phone somewhere.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

For the best functionally sound heart-rate tracking device, the Fitbit Charge HR keeps an accurate reading of your heart-rate 24 hours a day even while you’re sleeping. The device synchronizes with your phone to gather all of your information for an overview of your health. The extensive heart-rate technology contains a built-in accelerometer and barometer which gathers every single step, heart rate and intensity of walking, or running.

The device also tracks exercise sessions with its separate time and heart rate recording to help monitor your activity speed and performance during the workout. This device is ideal for weight watchers looking to track their daily workout routine automatically with a charted overview.

Misfit Shine

misfit _shine

If you have a hard time meeting your fitness goals, the Misfit Flash is an activity tracker that helps you achieve your daily step goals. Unlike other devices, the Shine is a sleek waterproof metal disc that automatically tracks your steps, sleep routine, calories and distance. The device displays a halo of lights to display the activities occurred during the day.

As a sleep-tracking device, it monitors the hours spent in light and deep sleep for a better overview of your health and motivate you to smarter sleep patterns. The device can help you set and achieve health goals for an active lifestyle, everyday. The daily stats will calculate and compare your daily activity with your friends if you add them to the app.