Agent Nateur

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  1. Holi (Cleanse) Cleansing Face Oil 120ml Holi (Cleanse) Cleansing Face Oil 120ml
  2. Holi (sex) Intimate Oil 30ml Holi (sex) Intimate Oil 30ml
    Agent Nateur
    Holi (sex) Intimate Oil 30ml
  3. Holi (glow) Ageless Eye Serum 20ml
  4. Shave Oil 100ml Shave Oil 100ml
    Agent Nateur
    Shave Oil 100ml
  5. Holi (Stick) Deodorant Sensitive 50ml Holi (Stick) Deodorant Sensitive 50ml
  6. Holi (C) Youth Skin Vitamins15ml Holi (C) Youth Skin Vitamins15ml
  7. Holi (Oil) Youth Serum Naturel 30ml Holi (Oil) Youth Serum Naturel 30ml
  8. Holi (Oil) Youth Body Serum 250ml Holi (Oil) Youth Body Serum 250ml
  9. Holi (Rose) N4 Deodorant 50ml Holi (Rose) N4 Deodorant 50ml
  10. Holi (Stick) N3 Deodorant 50ml
  11. Uni (Sex) N5 Deodorant 50ml Uni (Sex) N5 Deodorant 50ml
    Agent Nateur
    Uni (Sex) N5 Deodorant 50ml

16 Items

Set Descending Direction

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What is so unique about the brand?

Agent Nateur created one of the first luxury natural deodorants. Our deodorant has won the Glamour beauty award for a Best natural deodorant. "Vogue" magazine named our completely natural antiperspirant as one the best deodorants in the beauty market.

Brand Creator

Our Founder Jena Covello travels to Europe to formulate and source non-toxic ingredients to ensure that they are the safest and highest quality. "I... work dilligently to formulate a non-toxic line that is equally beautiful as it is effective, anti-aging and healthy", Jena Covello


Agent Nateur is a results-driven green beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, non-toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States. Our skincare ingredients are not made with harsh chemicals and are backed by science.

Ingredients Matter

Our formulas are handmade by Jena Covello with ingredients that are healing and nourishing. Free of GMO's, soy, parabens, sulfates, aluminium and petroleum.

Agent Nateur's Philosophy

Create chic and effective natural beauty products that are anti-aging with healthy, organic ingredients that you can almost eat.