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  1. Escape Kit Escape Kit
    Escape Kit
  2. Mini Treat Me Kit Mini Treat Me Kit
    Mini Treat Me Kit
  3. Supershot Kit 7x2ml Supershot Kit 7x2ml
    Supershot Kit 7x2ml
  4. Zeitgeist Splash Face Mist 100ml
  5. Nude Foam 100ml
    Nude Foam 100ml
  6. Atelier Elixir 30ml Atelier Elixir 30ml
    Atelier Elixir 30ml
  7. Capsule Cream 30ml Capsule Cream 30ml
    Capsule Cream 30ml
  8. Dewdrop Elixir 30ml Dewdrop Elixir 30ml
    Dewdrop Elixir 30ml
  9. Charisma  Elixir 30ml Charisma  Elixir 30ml
    Charisma Elixir 30ml
  10. Overnight Eye cream 30ml Overnight Eye cream 30ml
  11. Urban Foam 100ml
    Urban Foam 100ml
  12. Wanderlust Elixir 30ml Wanderlust Elixir 30ml

12 Items

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Ambuja comes from urban inspirations with timeless hopes for the future. We love this brand because they are self-proclaimed pioneers of eco-excellence, nature and molecular sciences, and pure essences. Their handcrafted combinations have unique names that are as tantalizing and alluring as the benefits that those natural elements offer. We love Ambuja because their passion for skincare and body-care is palpable, tangible, and undeniable. The wild-crafted ingredients are power-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, making each product perfect for repairing, replenishing, and rehydrating your skin back to a healthy, smooth, flawless glow. We also respect their noble stance and zero-tolerance policies on animal testing.

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The Creative Mind behind the Brand.

Frank E. Legart founded Ambuja over a decade ago, as he had a passion for combining natural elements to reap the rewards of their benefits. He is a scientific chemist, molecular scientist, and alchemy connoisseur, but his true heart lies in organic remedies for the pesky ailments of those with skin and hair problems. His products are formulated from all-natural components, and the keen designs are created specifically to assist people of every skin type and malady. Mr. Legart believes in courage and being creative, which is why he strives to express imagination and desire within his products. His is passion you can see when you snag a bottle of Ambuja moisturizer or serum.

Philosophy & Vision.

Considered visionaries in the world of skincare and body-care, the imaginative, scientific minds of Ambuja are die-hard believers that creativity reveals courage. This courage helps them discover new things, strive for better products, and accomplish a standard that appeases both their long-term guests and customers. They are waging a rebellion against the norms of skincare and body-care, redefining the way in which we all view natural moisturizers, balms, lotions, and serums. Ambuja has a green vision, and its products are the utmost in eco-awesomeness. Elements are reduced to their rawest forms, reaching avenues of green competence that concentrates vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Ambuja Standards & Promises.

Ambuja is a brand about pledges, confidence, strength, and creative thinking. Their standards are convincing, and they keep their promises in the face of skincare and body-care adversities. Their work begins with biocular formulas, leading to the compelling reduction that will be the foremost and most reliable component within the Ambuja assortment of products. This formula is confirmed by their purity essentials and elemental standards, as every personality must be perfected before delivering its character to society. The Ambuja determination is a strong and healthy body for everyone and a vivacious spirit. Their collections are built on splurging and eco-friendly beauty foundation, which is a high standard in itself.

The Couture Collection.

The Couture Collection from Ambuja features an assortment of nutrient-infused products that are all-natural and free of parabens, preservatives, petrochemicals, and synthetic colourants/fragrances. There is absolutely nothing within these products that would irritate your skin – unless you have allergies to organic, beautifying, pure elements. These products have a base of a virgin, green coconut water in the purest form (straight from a fresh coconut), and 100% organic lotus water from the heart of India. These two components are calming, soothing, and cooling, working together – and separately – to repair damaged skin cells while activating nutrients within those cells to smooth, soften, and repair.

The Empire Collection.

Designed to exude the simplicity that should accompany the care of your skin and body, the Empire Collection from Ambuja is a powerhouse quartet of well-defined, organic skincare. The elements within each product are combined from natural origin, making them safe for everyone. The organic components contain the best minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to nourish, replenish, refresh, and rejuvenate skin from face to feet. The 3 most-renowned products within the Ambuja Emire Collection are Urban Foam (a purifying, antioxidant-packed cleanser), Wanderlust Elixir (an age-defying, smoothing cream), and Overnight Eye Cream (a protectant that prevents collagen breakdown while promoting natural elasticity).
"...looks as if it belongs in the master bath of men like Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford"
Mark Thompson, EDGE Style & Travel Editor, NYC