Ann Gérard Parfum

Why We Love & Admire Ann Gerard Parfum?

Inspired by two worlds, Ann Gerard Parfum represents the fusion of two worlds. The exploration of the relationship between fragrance and jewellery, where the delight of form and smell are united, where the dazzling beauty of exquisite jewels is reflected in new and exciting fragrances. As Ann Gerard says, in its most heightened state, perfume is a mirror of our emotions – a secret adornment that expresses aspects of our personalities silently – yet boldly – to those around us.

Ann Gerard Parfum.

Form and fragrance: Ann Gerard’s passion.

Since she was a little girl, Ann Gerard has been in love with the precious and intimate power of fragrance. Her mother's perfumes introduced Ann to the very finest of niche fragrances – revealing how to detect the notes of a truly exquisite perfume. Her passion for perfume grew alongside her fascination with jewellery; at the age of 18 she began learning the art of jewellery-making in Belgium. Her latent passion for fragrances found expression when perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour visited Ann's shop to buy some jewellery. Their shared love of perfume sparked a friendship that has blossomed for 15 years – and led to boutique fragrance collaborations that have explored the exciting relationship between fragrance and precious stones.

Ann Gerard Perfume.

The fusion of two worlds.

The fusion of two worlds – two universes – are revealed in Ann Gerard Parfum’s latest collection. It is a place where the fragrance becomes an invisible jewel, presented in beautiful packaging that elegantly expresses the particular character of the perfume inside. Working closely with Bertrand Duchaufour, Ann Gerard furnished the visual and emotional ideas that would be reflected in the composition of the fragrances – and the result is a range of perfumes that tell the wearer's secret story – in a most tantalising and beautiful way.

Ann Gerard Parfums.

Creative ethos.

Paris-based Ann Gerard has developed a unique approach to her jewellery making, specialising in moonstone creations that frequently juxtapose the visual qualities of two different types of stone: often setting the surface sheen of pearls, opals and moonstones against the sharp brilliance of traditionally cut stones. The result is a sense of timelessness. Each piece is a based on a distinct visual idea that is free of current fashions and is sure to be exciting and wearable long after it has been bought. Ann Gerard’s fragrances are similarly imbued with this feeling of timelessness.

Ann Gerard Discovery.

The discovery of a precious stone…

The experience of an Ann Gerard Parfum is a showering of the senses; before being enveloped in the fragrance, there is the unwrapping – a discovery akin to opening a jewellery box. The sensual beauty of the box and of the bottle itself point to the magic inside; the discovery of a precious jewel.

Ann Gerard Extrait.

Rose cut.

An intoxicating fragrance that expresses a wild femininity, balancing warmth and freshness – and the opulence of that first taste of Pink Champagne; or the feeling of a diamond against your skin.

“A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself… a costume… that differs according to the woman who wears it.”

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