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Vibrant, unique shades of lipstick made with nourishing organic ingredients and housed in glorious gold packaging, what could be better?

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Meet The Founder

Meet Erica; the founder of Axiology. Whilst living a vegan lifestyle, Erica soon discovered that natural and vegan was not the norm for her favourite beauty product: lipstick - and so began researching methods to create her own. The search quickly became a passion project for Erica and Axiology was born. A year of testing ingredients and concocting her perfect formula followed - whilst travelling to Bali to research packaging options and ingredients that led to the lipstick we know and love today.

Axiology Believes…

In a world where using an everyday luxury like lipstick doesn’t include polluting the planet, hurting its beings, or ingesting harmful chemicals through our skin. In creating a product from the purest ingredients available—so that they can provide a brilliant end-result and support the courageous farmers who produce our raw materials. Axiology believe that truth is a vital aspect of integrity, and that words such as “ethically sourced” and “all natural ingredients” are fundamental practices, not convenient marketing language.

Beauty With A Conscious

Axiology currently partner with and donate a percentage of their profits to the International Orangutan Foundation, who are dedicated to rainforest and Orangutan conservation. Axiology are also a part of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA’s) “Beauty Without Bunnies” program and are certified vegan and cruelty free.

Key Ingredients

Axiology know that natural is the kindest and purest way - for our bodies, for the earth, and for each other. That’s why their natural lipsticks contain elements you would most likely find in a garden or perhaps a tropical island. Organic avocado oil, avocado butter, castor seed oil and candelilla wax make up the base of the lipsticks for a truly nourishing formula, whilst vitamin E and elderberry extracts protect and heal.

The Lipsticks

Long-lasting mineral pigments plus a deeply nourishing formula make for soft, kissable lips. With such unique shades to choose from there’s sure to be a lipstick for every skin tone. Keep up with the latest lip trends with shades like ‘Bad’ and ‘Dimension’, or keep it classic with shades like ‘Noble’ and ‘Worth’. If you’re feeling extra daring, there’s even the blue ‘Phenomenon’, for rock-princess vibes, this shade can also be layered and mixed with any other lipstick to instantly change the tone and deepen the hue.
Radically Ethical. Sustainably Sexy.