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Why We Love Blinc

We love and admire Blinc because they are so dedicated to creating safe but extraordinary beauty products. Their products are designed to be especially safe for those with sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses. With their water-proof design, Blinc has created products that don’t fade or smudge throughout the day – whether you’re working in the office or putting in a good workout at the gym. Blinc has created wonderful products that not only last all day long, but remove so easily when you want them to – without the need for harsh cleaners. We love Blinc because they keep you looking gorgeous all day long!

Blinc Makeup

The Blinc Brand

Blinc prides itself on focusing on three main aspects. They focus exclusively on the eyes with their prestige cosmetics line. Blinc also focuses on being an innovator in the cosmetics world by creating the world’s first “tube” forming mascara, peelable eyeliner, thinnest eyeliner pen and a four-in-one eyebrow mousse. They strive to be one of the first brands to take the steps necessary to advance the beauty industry. Blinc’s biggest focus though is all about performance. They create cosmetics that are proven to be “life proof”, meaning they are water proof, smudge proof, easy to apply and easy to remove.

Blinc Makeup Mascara

Blinc Philosophy

Blinc strives to show their corporate citizenship through helping to aid in social needs and enriching the quality of life in society. They proudly supports the following organizations: American Cancer Society – eliminating cancer as a major health problem, Children International – helping children who live in dire poverty, CARE – helping to end world poverty, Doctors Without Borders – delivering emergency aid to victim who lack health care due to social or geographical isolation, Environtmental Defence – dedicated to protecting environmental rights of all people, National Breast Cancer Foundation – helping to save lives by increasing awareness, and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – helping to cure CF, where approximately 1 life is lost per day to CF.

Blinc Make-up Mousse

Brand Creators

Blinc is a privately held international company that was started in 1999. Blinc’s mission was to perfect beauty products by solving common beauty problems. They are known around the world for their superior products and currently market in more than 30 countries, all while expanding every year on an international level. Blinc is continually ranked on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fast growing private companies in America. They are dedicated to providing safe beauty products that still gives their users an exceptionally beautiful look. Blinc products redefine how makeup is made, applied and how it performs.

Blinc Make Up Primer


Blinc is known worldwide for their exceptional mascara products. Their mascara line offers Blinc’s Lifeproof properties that will get you through the day without smudging, fading or flaking. Spend the day at the office before hitting the gym for a sweaty workout, your lashes will look just as good when you’re done at the gym, as when you walked into the office that morning. Blinc mascara adds volume, length and fullness to your lashes and will remove easily when you’re ready to take it off. With its “tubes” created on your lashes, Blinc mascara comes off simply with warm water and gentle pressure from your fingers. No harsh makeup removers needed!

Blinc Make Up Eyeliner


Blinc’s eyeliner products are ideal for those that have sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. Their products are so superior that laser eye surgeons in fact carry and recommend blinc eyeliner to their patients. Blinc products are incredibly well known in the acting world and are often being endorsed by many famous celebrity women. Blinc products are excellent for on the set of their movies and television shows, and are also used by many celebrities in their everyday lives. Celebrities include: Emily Deschanel – Bones, Mary Louise Parker – Weeds, Rachel McAdams – The Notebook, Jennifer Lopez – American Idol, Mandy Moore – Tangled and Jennifer Garner – Alias.

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