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We love CULTI because their products and fragrances are blended from beautifully natural and synthetic materials, conveying an appreciation for nature that we find inspiring. Each product is made 100% in Italy, ensuring excellence and superior exquisiteness that proves this brand values their heritage and tradition. In addition to imagining and creating gorgeous, sweet-scented candles and diffusers, CULTI also makes an effort to follow the olfactive pyramid with head notes, core tones, and base notes – another reason we absolutely love everything this brand does and is. Their fragrances express character, beauty, and passion, without being overwhelming, cloying, or too subtle.

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The Creative Powers behind the Brand

CULTI is a mysterious brand, as little is known about a single creator, but instead, the creative powers behind the brand work together, as a whole, to better and beautify the world one home at a time. Their efforts are that of a passionate, bonded team, and their website even expresses nothing but details of their most beloved, sweetly scented, handcrafted products. If we were to take a guess, we would say that the CULTI founders and team are passion-fueled perfumers and fragrance-builders with a soft spot in their hearts for the ideal aroma. They are soulful, driven, and ambitious, always striving for a new level of perfection to please the noses of their numerous, devoted customers.

Artisan Qualities & Formulas

Using a combination of both natural and manmade ingredients, CULTI stands for cultivation – the cultivation of brand-new, unique scents that will tantalize your olfactory sense while stimulating your mind. Through a process of intense handcrafting and discovery, this brand uses the formula outlines of base, core, and head, with the most beautiful and vivacious fragrances at the heart. These notes are long-lasting, wafting, and lingering, with artisan qualities that are imbued by a masterful team of craftsman. Their structure hits on every level of the olfactive sense, stemming from floral, woody, and fruity scents. In other words – their process of formulation comes from their steadfast appreciation of artisan quality and tradition.

Their Philosophies & Ideas

The ideas behind CULTI fragrances are both simple and complex – which may seem a bit odd at first, but their concepts go like this… when someone smells a pleasant scent for the first time, they will remember that experience, making that aroma more than a fragrance. This scent can be affected by atmospheres, environments, and surroundings, and those memories change with each new experience. That is what CULTI strives for – turning simple fragrances into complex, happy memories. Their philosophy is making their customers content, whether that be with the intense fragrance itself, or the thoughts and feelings that fragrance induces.

The Rituals of Personal Care

While CULTI products are not based in skincare, their fragrances have a base in personal care – this means mind, body, and soul. Their scents encourage customers to create rituals that make them calmer, happier, and more soothed than ever before. They want you to make memories, and then experience those memories over and over again in rituals that recreate the same fragrances, atmospheres, and feelings. There are also simple actions that could reiterate and restart the experience of a fragrance, such as turning a group of reeds to release a new burst of scents that trigger the fondness for that aroma. Or perhaps lighting your favorite set of candles to welcome guests into your home, creating memories (or “rituals”) for your friends and visitors.

The Stile Collection

The Stile Collection from CULTI combines elegance, superior luxury, and refined beauty in an assortment of beautiful fragrances for your home décor. There are an expansive selection of these diffusers and sweet scents that make your house a happier, soothing place to live and visit – and some of the featured scents are… Aramara – a fragrance reminiscent of sunshine on your skin and the sweetness of summertime oranges. Top notes include bitter orange and sandalwood on a heart and base of cardamom. The Viola – a feminine, dainty fragrance with energetic notes in violet leaves and black tea, plus an underlying base of warm amber. Infuso – a beautiful, rejuvenating scent that combines the meditative benefits of green tea and lemon, with the reawakening, soul-soothing essences of bergamot, warm amber, and jasmine.
Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson