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  1. Maison D'Or Scented Candles Gift Set 4x85g
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    Maison D'Or Scented Candles Gift Set 4x85g
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We love DL&Co. because their candles are designed to be different from other candles that you have seen before. Instead of stating a fragrance on a label – this brand goes beyond, nestling a high-grade, aromatic candle within a handcrafted, enameled work of art. Their candles have themes and a nature-inspired loveliness that has never been done before. For this, we admire and adore their artisan endeavors. The candles of DL&Co. are detailed and beautiful – almost too gorgeous to burn, but then the fragrances spreads throughout your home, and you are officially in heaven. This brand is seductive, vivid, and imaginative – all awesome reasons to be enamored with their artwork.

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Who is the Creative Mind behind the Brand?

Launched in 2003 – DL&Co. is a powerful brand with tantalizing products that doubles as a creative powerhouse for those with imaginations. Douglas Little is one of those creative, imaginative minds, which is why he developed DL&Co. from the ground up. The name actually stands for Douglas Little & Company, describing himself and a team of eclectic, passionate thinkers and creators. Douglas Little is masterful when it comes to inspiring thoughts and feelings through his candle collections. He has a pure, true passion for his products, and he strives to communicate that passion through the modern spirit of home design and décor.

DL&Co. Philosophies & Inspirations

DL&Co. is a direct representation of the edginess and unique interests of Douglass Little. He has an eclectic taste in a wide range of hobbies, and he strives to imbue his products with his extraordinary personality. This makes him the inspiration for his artisan masterpieces, and it also makes each product an intimate portrait of its creator. The DL&Co. candles have been described as many things, such as seductive, romantic, beautiful, masterful, and precious. Aside from the personality of the creator, other inspirations include fairytales and the ripe harvests of nature. Plus, there philosophy reminds everyone to be unique and be themselves.

Their High-Quality Standards

Described as intoxicating, alluring, and gorgeous on multiple levels – the DL&Co. have an unsurpassed presentation that speaks volumes about the refinement, sophistication, and ambitions of the brand. Their standards are extremely high, yet totally attainable, and they strive to give each customer something that is memorable, unforgettable, and tangible. The exquisite elegance and loveliness of these candles begin with careful handcrafting to utter perfection. Each DL&Co. has to meet a list of specifications and expectations before being released, and these high-quality standards means the finished product is impeccable. In short – the high standards of DL&Co. are their signature, their trademark, and what holds this brand above the rest.

DL&Co. Beautiful Packaging

Each of the DL&Co. candles has exquisite, perfect attention to detail that goes unmatched. A candle will arrive in beautiful packaging that begins with a box of hand-stitched Burmese silk. A black satin ribbon (imported from France) adds a touch more elegance and refinement, while the candle itself is nestled on a bed of hand-pleated Switzerland tissue. The colors of the tissue paper depend on the fragrance of the candle, and the entire reception of one of these candles is a decadent, intimate experience. The beautiful packaging of the DL&Co. candles is moreso an unveiling of fine art than it is simply receiving a package in the post.

The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit is a collection of DL&Co. keepsake candles in beautiful, handcrafted containers of gold and colorful enamel. The holders are brass and shaped to represent the scent of the candle within, such as apples and pears. Each set comes with a quartet of different colors – green, gold, red, and pink – and the fruits are miniature for expressive display anywhere in your home. The candles themselves are power-packed with fragrances – thorn apple being the base of each candle. The scents are sweet and thought-provoking, and their forbidden moniker represents seduction, temptation, and sensuous desire. These DL&Co. favorites are extra-hard to resist.
The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.
Francis Bacon