Dr. Alkaitis

Why We Love & Admire Dr. Alkaitis?

Dr. Alkaitis is a 100% organically grown, raw skin care for all skin types that stops, prevents and treats damaged and ageing skin which brings it back to its optimum health. It combines an in-depth scientific understanding with an extensive knowledge of the therapeutic properties of plants in their pure form.

Dr. Alkaitis A Mask Wardrobe.

A Mask Wardrobe.

With a wide range of masks available it can be confusing knowing where to begin. Each mask has different benefits for the skin so a combination of several masks, used weekly (Universal Mask, Flower Mask, Cellular Repair Mask or Beautifying Mask) and bi-weekly (Enzyme Exfoliating Mask) will benefit and boost skin health long term. Sensitive, oily and blemished skins will love Cellular Repair, Universal and Beautifying Masks. Whilst mature, dry and normal skin can use Beautifying, Flower and Cellular Repair Masks regularly, and all of us can benefit from once or twice a month treatments with the Enzyme Mask.

Dr. Alkaitis Creator.

Meet Dr. Alkaitis.

A molecular biologist; an ethnopharmacologist (trained in traditional plant-based healing); and a pharmacognosist (experienced in the medicinal properties of plants) together with a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, there is no doubt that Dr. Saulius Anthony Alkaitis is an expert in his field. He has created one of the most dynamic ‘living’ personal-care lines available today, fusing science and whole plants together to formulate truly holistic skincare after a lifetime of dedication to learning and research in the industry.

Dr. Alkaitis Result Oriented Skin Care.

Result Oriented Skin Care.

Dr. Alkaitis’ formulations are guided by the knowledge that each individual’s skin is a complete living organ. Each product is made to adapt to your skin through its own specific targeted delivery system which, when used, helps to: 1. Bring skin into a healthy balance that is unique to your own body. 2. Maintain that healthy balance long-term. Every product is universally suitable for all skin types, genders and all races, being especially beneficial for those with sensitive, problem or mature skin types.

Dr. Alkaitis Skin Support.

Skin Support.

Dr. Alkaitis does not classify by set fixed skin types, instead, he offers you a simple, proven regimen to balance and strengthen the skin. The sophisticated techniques Dr. Alkaitis uses to make his plant extracts combined with his unique blends of living ingredients, invigorate your skin by thoroughly supporting the tasks it is programmed to fulfil. He formulates his products with exactly the nutrients your skin needs to perform those tasks, which is why they work so well!

Dr. Alkaitis Raw Plant Power.

Raw Plant Power.

Dr. Alkaitis only formulates with certified organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted herbs, plants, seeds, sea vegetables and oils. These ingredients are always excellent quality and sourced from the world’s most pristine places. He makes his own extracts, using sophisticated techniques that allow him to work with the whole, high-quality plants; root, stem and leaf. All Dr. Alkaitis products are ‘raw’, meaning they are never heated above body temperature. This allows all of the beautiful ingredients to remain nutrient rich and give their full therapeutic to your skin.

“If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”

Dr. Alkaitis

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