Dr. Jackson's

Why We LOVE Dr. Jackson's

We love Dr. Jackson's because the brand lives up to the hype, creating top-notch products that anyone would feel proud distributing. There are moisturizers and replenishing serums galore, giving prospective customers a wide range of products to choose from – and each product comes with detailed instructions on how to make the most of every application. This is why we absolutely adore Dr. Jackson's! This brand has their customers at heart. These creative minds are driven, devoted, and dedicated, drawing inspiration from millions upon thousands of die-hard fanatics who could not live without the amazing, natural benefits of Dr. Jackson's creams.

Dr. Jackson's Organic Natural Skincare

The Creative Name behind the Brand –

Named after Dr. Simon Jackson's – this brand was created out of true, pure passion for helping others. While exploring, discovering, and learning about the tribes of the Amazon rainforest, Dr. Jackson's was invited to converse with a renowned shaman of the Jaguar tribe. He spent thousands of hours with the shaman, learning the centuries-old art of natural medicine through organic plant and herb knowledge. Dr. Simon Jackson's always had a love of people, but this knowledge spurred him to learn more, eventually leading him to create the Dr. Jackson's brand. He has since traveled worldwide, educating himself on global ailments, and producing organic collections that cater to the skincare regimes of millions.

Dr. Jackson Organic Natural Skincare Coconut melt

Concepts & Ideas & Philosophies –

Dr. Jackson's is more than the man behind the brand. The creator has appointed assistants and knowledgeable, creative minds to help achieve company aspirations. These imaginative individuals, including Dr. Simon Jackson's, agree on a single philosophy – to spread the word about old-world, natural remedies that have been around for centuries, healing and curing generations around the world. The Dr. Jackson's collections begin with a single plant or herb that has been thoroughly researched, profiled, and tested. The creatives build a product around that plant or herb, using nature’s infinite benefits to their advantage, and providing keen skincare to hundreds of thousands around the world.

Dr. Jackson Organic Natural Skin Care

Their Nourishing Product Standards –

Where some brands are all about the greed of business endeavors, Dr. Jackson's takes a different path toward true, reliable knowledge and a genuine compassion for those suffering from skin ailments. There are nourishing product standards that are upheld at all times, and the creative team behind these products never stray from their standard outlines. For example – Dr. Jackson's moisturizers, creams, and serums will never, ever use endangered or rare plants. There is absolutely no animal testing – EVER, and their collected funds go towards support of tribes and populations worldwide. This business is ALL give, as they genuinely, authentically care about others and hope to change the world.

Dr. Jackson's Organic Natural Skin Cream

Essential All-Natural Ingredients

Dr. Jackson's has a knack for being creative when it comes to making long-lasting, super-beneficial moisturizers, creams, and serums. The brand is known for their use of all-natural ingredients, but there are a few must-have elements that are power-packed into every single product. For example – Mango Seed Extract has a high content of helpful acids and vitamins, making it perfect for rejuvenating and refreshing skin from the outside in. Baobab is a seed oil used to enhance the smooth, silken texture of hair and skin. It has six times the amount of Vitamin C as citrus fruits, and it overflows with antioxidants that soothe, repair, and protect skin cells.

Dr. Jackson Organic Natural Skincare Collection

The Skincare Collection

There are 3 parts to Dr. Jackson’s Skincare Collection – the 01 Skin Cream (SPF20), 02 Skin Cream, and 03 Face Oil. Each of these handcrafted creams and oils contain the most beneficial ingredients, such as baobab oil and marula seed oil – both perfect for replenishing, rehydrating, and healing dried, sensitive skin. There are also flower extracts for softness and smoothness, as well as frankincense for a touch of beautiful fragrance that lingers on your skin without irritating cells. The Skincare Collection from Dr. Jackson's is a hard-working combination of natural elements. This is the culmination of everything Dr. Simon Jackson hoped to accomplish in 3 convenient, practical bottles.

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