Earth Tu Face

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We love and admire Earth Tu Face because their brand is all about being natural and organic – free from the restraints of chemicals and human-made elements. Their moisturizers, creams, and serums are designed to replenish, refresh, rejuvenate, and repair – all while softening, smoothing, and hydrating skin cells. This is the ultimate skincare solution to the dilemma of dried, sensitive, irritated skin. Another reason we absolutely love Earth Tu Face is their unique method of describing their products. Where most people dub their natural products “handcrafted,” the creatives of Earth Tu Face consider their creams wild-crafted, as each component of their products come untamed from nature.

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The Creators behind the Brand

Earth Tu Face began with the passion and dreams of two herbalists and bohemian beauties – Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm. Both of these women suffered from skin issues throughout their childhoods and well-into their twenties – but, even as children, the pair used herbal remedies that were organic, natural, and healthy for their skin. Their lives have been a whirlwind of events that led them to loving the medicinal benefits of herbs, roots, and plants – which spawned Earth Tu Face. Marina & Sarah are responsible for collections that are 100% free of toxins and chemicals. Their skincare products cater to a wide range of skin types, and each product is created using all-natural, garden-grown ingredients.

What Does Earth Tu Face Mean?

Earth Tu Face means exactly what the name suggests… from soil to skin. The creams and serums are 100% organic, designed to enhance, repair, and accentuate your skin cells from the outside in, and vice versa. The natural ingredients are garden-grown and all-natural – no chemicals, preservatives, or harsh toxins. Therefore, naturally, Earth Tu Face would mean elements that come from Mother Earth to offer you vitamins and minerals that promote healthy, vivacious skin. This unique, organic brand is safe for everyone – and that is the most important attribute of all. The meaning reassures prospective customers that Earth Tu Face is the all-natural solution they are anticipating.

The Brand Philosophy & Inspirations

Marina Storm & Sarah Buscho are avid when it comes to their knowledge of herbs, roots, and medicinal properties. Their studies have taken them everywhere to learn more, but both of these beautiful ladies cite Alice Waters as their philosophy provider of choice. As bohemians with an organic-based brand, these two state that their philosophy is… remain connected with nature. Earth Tu Face is all about using the elements of nature to the advantage of your skin – while, of course, appreciating the harvests of Mother Earth. Every garden-grown ingredient has a purpose, and nothing ever goes to waste, making this brand even moreso eco-excellent.

Using Edible/All-Natural/Organic Ingredients

The imaginative, earthy bohemians behind Earth Tu Face are adamant when discussing their all-natural products, stating that these organic ingredients are the same that would be safe to consume. All of their products are edible – but this does not mean you should eat them, because some combinations might not taste so good. The Earth Tu Face elements are biodegradable and SAFE for everyone to use. There is NO animal testing ever! Plus, pregnant women, children, and people with a wide array of skin ailments can safely, securely use their products without any complications. When Earth Tu Face proclaims that their products are 100% organic and natural, they really, genuinely, authentically mean it.

The Skincare Collection

The Skincare Collection from Earth Tu Face is versatile and dynamic, combined from a unique conglomeration of natural ingredients. There are toning mists, anti-aging creams, exfoliating masks, sea salt scrubs, face balms, and dozens of other amazing, organic products. There are even lotions, travel sets, and handbags to zip everything up in. Earth Tu Face elevates the skincare experience, and the Skincare Collection is testament to their hard work and all-natural philosophies. Each moisturizer, cream, and serum is multi-faceted and original, speaking to the herbalists of the world, and teaching prospective customers about the benefits of skincare from Mother Nature.
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