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A Pioneering Approach To Nutrition

A series of expert blends with countless benefits, in just one scoop. Our expert nutritionists combine leading science with ancient theory to create comprehensive formulas without compromise.

Brand Creators

We’re Alice and Rosie, registered nutritionist and investment banker turned busy working mum. It was clear that there was a lack of high quality, easy-to-take and effective supplements based on the latest evidence that were readily available. With Alice’s expertise in the science of nutrition, and Rosie’s direct experience of the needs of the fast-paced, modern lifestyle, Equi was born!


We know what nutrients are essential for your body to thrive. That’s why we've developed powerful, advanced solutions that target all of the body's complex systems, working deep at your core, delivering noticeable results.


Everything you need, in one supplement - say goodbye to shelf clutter. Each comprehensive formula is packed with the world’s highest quality ingredients, removing any complication or confusion, so it's easy to look and feel your best.

Our Scientific Research

Each of our products has been carefully formulated based on functional medicine – the understanding that each of your bodily systems requires its own specific nourishment to create overall wellbeing. Your body can benefit from more than an average multi-vitamin.