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  1. The New-Born Eyes Mask (4x7ml) The New-Born Eyes Mask (4x7ml)
    Evidens De Beaute
    The New-Born Eyes Mask (4x7ml)
  2. The Total Shield SPF 50 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Total Shield SPF 50 50ml
  3. The Cream Mask 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Cream Mask 50ml
  4. The Special Mask 50ml The Special Mask 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Special Mask 50ml
  5. The Double Action Exfoliating Cream 55ml
  6. The Night Recovery Solution 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Night Recovery Solution 50ml
  7. The Serum 30ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Serum 30ml
  8. The Eye Recovery Serum 15ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Eye Recovery Serum 15ml
  9. The Day Moisturiser 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Day Moisturiser 50ml
  10. The Rich Cream 50ml
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Rich Cream 50ml
  11. The Travel Essentials
    Evidens De Beaute
    The Travel Essentials

11 Items

Set Descending Direction

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Inspired by Japanese Beauty Rituals

Pure foundation with amazing virtues. Known for thousand years, and picked for its incredible curative virtues, it gave life and health back to Poppea, wife of Neron and to the son of emperor Hadrian. Incredibly pure, lightly mineralized, it is brought to Japan to contribute to the efficiency of EviDenS de Beauté formulas.

The Inspiration

‘I lost my heart to Japan and Japanese beauty, and fell madly in love with the most beautiful of Japanese women. To pay tribute to her sensitive beauty, I created the most essential skin care line: EviDenS de Beauté. I wanted to focus on the essence: precious secret ingredients, voluptuous textures, sensual fragrances, beautiful packaging, the pleasure to hold and the «evidence» of obvious efficiency.’, Charles-Edouard Barthes

QAI® Complex, a well-kept secret

An exclusive exceptionally gifted formula, finalised by Laboratories Montaigne in Tokyo. The new and considered impossible association of 4 anti-ageing assets, which act on all the causes of the skin ageing. Power, sweetness and especially incredible and proved efficiency make of the Complex QaI ® and of its active star the Triple Collagen®, the essential component of all the products.

The Results

Effective results as soon as 15 days after the first treatment. Complexion lightens up, features are rested, lines are erased. Deeply, fibers are more densified, cells are energised and oxygenation is more efficient. Skin is smooth, less wrinkly, more supple, younger and visibly bears less dark spots and scars.

Triple Collagen

Triple Collagen is 100% natural, which guarantees a perfect skin penetration and optimal results. It provides exceptional effectiveness with three different sizes of collagen, each targeting three skin layers: Micro Collagen, Medium Collagen, Macro Collagen.