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  1. Clear Skin Oil 9ml Clear Skin Oil 9ml
    French Girl
    Clear Skin Oil 9ml
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At FRENCH GIRL, we believe in the power of self-care and conscious consumption to create a healthier worldview and a better world.

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Through organic, sustainable ingredients, ethical business practices, and a cruelty-free supply chain, it is our mission to support the Earth, to celebrate self-love, and to make life beautiful. Environmental impacts, fair trade, and labour practices are all a part of the clean beauty equation.


Our purpose and passion is to create luxurious products for everyday self-care, which requires continued research and sourcing of high-quality ingredients that are not only sustainable for the planet but also their producers.


FRENCH GIRL products promote healthy ageing by employing time-tested ingredients & extraction methods. Organic cold-pressed oils that retain all of the antioxidants and fatty acids essential to skin health and floral hydrosols that contain many of the same benefits as the essential oils.


Our supply chain is entirely cruelty-free. We manufacture in-house and ensure that the suppliers of our raw ingredients do not test on animals. Our entire product line of luxury skincare is Tested on French Girls, Never on Animals.


French Girl is committed to supporting companies that operate with sustainable and fair-trade practices. Those we source from range from small independent farms to larger cooperatives that obtain their ingredients from organic and/or wildcrafted sources.