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  1. Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Travel Detoxifying Treatment (3 pack)
    Gloss Moderne

    Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Travel Detoxifying Treatment (3 pack)

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Brand Creator

Beauty, fashion, design and a healthy lifestyle are my passions—my love for these is what inspired me to create GLOSS MODERNE,” says Kuen Rameson, Founder. “Efficacious formulations made with pure luxurious ingredients coupled with highly acclaimed global fragrances and modern design aesthetic… GLOSS MODERNE is the epitome of Clean Luxury.


GLOSS MODERNE is passionate about hair care that is both natural and luxurious. From the highest-quality ingredients to the minimalist, modern packaging, GLOSS MODERNE captures the essence of Southern California with a sensorial experience that combines a health-conscious way of life and effortless beauty.

Range Collection Explanation

Shampoo: A mini-shot of this go-to shampoo leaves your hair shiny, clean and optimistic… it’s like pouring a million tiny champagne bubbles on your hair. Cheers! Conditioner: Super-chic conditioner provides divine intervention. Give your coif a two minute vacay and return with hair that’s rested, relaxed and glowing. Masque: Resplendent moisture-treatment hair masque for instant gratification and startling shine.

Sulfate-Free + Paraben-Free + Vegan

SULFATE-FREE. For all hair types. Super-concentrated and color-safe. No harsh detergents, gentle for sensitive scalps. Greater sustainability for our oceans. PARABEN-FREE. Without harmful preservatives that are easily absorbed through skin, our haircare is free from all parabens and safer for your body and our planet. VEGAN. Cruelty-free and no animal testing. No animal derivative ingredients.

Clean Luxury

Experience GLOSS MODERNE Clean Luxury Haircare. Sulfate-Free + Paraben-Free + Vegan. Clean Luxury haircare for every man, woman and child.