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  1. Holistic Silk Pure Silk Pillowcase 'Navy' Out of Stock
    Holistic Silk

    Holistic Silk Pure Silk Pillowcase 'Navy'

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  2. Holistic Silk Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask 'Chinese Flower'
    Holistic Silk

    Holistic Silk Limited Edition Lavender Eye Mask 'Chinese Flower'

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Our Philosophy

Modern life seems to keep us focused on ‘doing’ with little just ’being’. Over the last few decades the world has become increasingly time poor with our ability to switch off constantly challenged. Holistic Silk was created to confront this in the most effective way possible, taking the name Holistic, because our products treat your mind, body and soul. Established for 20 years and made with love and passion, our products are ethically produced and hand finished to the highest quality. Designed to fit into your daily routine for maximum benefits with no real effort Our range includes wellness, sleep and beauty tools which trail blaze Silk’s beauty benefits creating truly effective products that work time after time with style, substance and panache.

Meet the Creator

Joanna created Holistic Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and pressure of modern life. Having observed the negative effects that stress, overwork and air travel can have on our minds, bodies and sleep and finding a lack of beautiful supportive products available to combat this, Joanna discovered for herself how effective alternative health, Chinese medicine and good sleep can be. These principles are rooted at the very core of Holistic Silk. “Ancient wisdom for modern life” Combining Joanna's extensive research, gained alongside health practitioners, her textile degree knowledge and design finesse, Holistic Silk’s exquisite, tactile, vibrant coloured designs please the eye, soothe the soul and provide a fuss free beauty treatment with every use.

About Us

Invest in yourself and take some “me-time” with Holistic Silk. It’s the least you deserve. Holistic Silk is a quiet English brand with a global presence and remains a London and Cornwall based family owned business, driven by its original founder and creative heart Joanna Weakley. All Holistic Silk products are designed, tested, developed and refined by Joanna in house. Specialising in creating beautiful and therapeutic wellness, relaxation and beauty tools, we harness the beauty benefits of silk, working at an artisan level to produce ergonomic, truly effective long-lasting products. Handcrafted in small-runs, we work with ultra-skilled machinists in the UK and in India where we support communities by using a production unit that teach skills to workers who might otherwise find it impossible to be employed.

Range Explanation

Timeless, classic and elegant in design and presentation, Holistic Silk, fuses expertise in textiles and alternative health with ergonomic design, luxury craftsmanship and proven remedies to create a distinct range of products that deliver health, lifestyle and beauty benefits beyond their simple function. Some of our products not only help you to feel and sleep well, but can make a ten minute break seem like an hour. The ultimate self gift and a perfect present for your loved ones. Proud to be home to the world’s best Eye Mask, all of our styles are oversized and block out all light, as any sleep mask should, with a Lavender filling and unique tie once ribbon fastening, to give you easier, deeper more restorative sleep.

Did You Know?

Silk’s beauty benefits have been harnessed by the Chinese for centuries. Compared to Cotton, Mulberry Silk is renowned for reducing skin damage by up to 50% because it doesn't drag across your skin, it glides. Silk also contains natural anti ageing Sericin and unlike Cotton, it doesn't absorb valuable night creams or your skin's natural hydrators, so will actively help your skin to rehydrate whilst you sleep. Our Pure Silk Eye Mask offers the additional benefits of preventing skin creasing and damage whilst keeping the dermis hydrated. "I created Holistic Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and stress of modern life. Our luxury products are crafted with love to inspire harmony and balance – making a quiet ten minutes feel like an hour.", Joanna