Imaginary Authors

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We love Imaginary Authors because they bring unique concepts to the fragrance industries. The basis of their perfumes is that each scent is an imaginary book, beautifully written by an imaginary author, and your skin tells the story. Each fragrance is blended to perfection, and there are 7 gorgeous scents currently considered the signatures or trademarks for Imaginary Authors. Another reason we love Imaginary Authors is their quest to be thought-provoking and evocative with their fragrances. This team of creative minds WANTS you to use your imagination to the fullest, allowing your thoughts to create a new story surrounding the scents – which, in turn, means you become the imaginary author.

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Concepts & Inspirations

Imaginary Authors offers a selection brimming with inspiration, and their concepts began with rebellion against the norm. This brand wants to be unique, different, and extraordinary – not just another fragrance face in the proverbial crowd. In essence, each scent combined within their fragrance, as a whole, could be considered a writing element, and the entire fragrance is the story. When you’re wearing perfume from Imaginary Authors, YOU become the Imaginary Author, as your skin warms the fragrances, allowing them to pleasantly permeate the air around you. These scents then evoke memories, spinning tales within the imaginations of yourself and those passersby who happen to catch a lingering whiff.

The Original Author of Imaginary Authors

Born in California but raised in Colorado, and now based in Portland, Josh Meyer is a self-made, fragrance-loving man who once loathed everything having to do with perfumes. When he was in High School, the idea of wearing fragrances seemed too conformist – so Josh rebelled, boycotting perfumes and colognes until maturing into the original author of Imaginary Authors. His love of perfumes and colognes developed later than the average fragrance-loving brand-starter, but his passion thrives just as strong – if not moreso. Over the years, Josh Meyer has brought his natural-born rebellion to the forefront of his brand, offering something unique with Imaginary Authors. Instead of simply being just-another fragrance company, his brand tells expressive stories in scents alone.

Using Unusual Ingredients

In the beginning, Josh Meyer admits to creating self-professed “weird stuff” when it came to the fragrances of what is now Imaginary Authors. However, he was simply mixing and matching the wrong scents. Over time, his methods have become more creative, and the ingredients he uses have become more unusual, but his creations have way better results than his beginning perfumes. For example – The Soft Lawn from Imaginary Authors uses a faint scent of fresh tennis balls because those were memorable to Josh Meyer as a child. There is also the coolness and brightness of green grass and the salty air of a springtime seashore, and when combined, these unusual ingredients make one incredible fragrance.

Unique Scents & Fragrance Memories

Imaginary Authors focuses their unique scents on fragrance memories, and what people remember most about certain events, milestones, and occasions in their lives. These memories are the fondest because people can remember every minute detail, and the creator (Josh Meyer) uses those memorable moments to his advantage. Each of the Imaginary Authors scents is meant to be thought-provoking and evocative of keen emotions. Some fragrances are sunny and vibrant, where others are wintry and beautiful in the way snowflakes and holiday trees are beautiful. Plus, each fragrance is subjective to the person wearing it, as every person has a different memory that would go along great with specific scents.

The Fragrance Collection

Some of the most notable fragrances in the Imaginary Authors collection are – Bull’s Blood, Cape Heartache, The Cobra & The Canary, Falling Into The Sea, L’orchidee Terrible, Memoirs of a Trespasser, The Soft Lawn, and Violet Disguise. Each of these beautiful scents has a featuring note – something that brings the most emotions and memories flooding back, and those top notes are surrounded by undertones and subtler notes that have lingering, wafting qualities. Some of these fragrances are also very personal to Josh Meyer, the creator of Imaginary Authors – such as The Soft Lawn, which details his intriguing, vibrant childhood in bright, green grasses, tennis balls, and clay.
“Say goodbye to the age-old stereotypes of seduction. Seductive, but not a seductress, a woman wears a scent to reveal her personality.”
Paco Rabanne