Why we ADORE Ineke

Ineke has captured our hearts with fragrance collections that were simply designed to be adored, desired, and loved. Each sweet-scented perfume evokes your fondest memories, and the whimsical names of those fragrances are meant to be thought-provoking. Ineke has bottled romance, passion, sincerity, and beauty into convenient, beautifully aromatic bottles. We love the artistic uniqueness of the Ineke collections, as they are handcrafted to make an impact. These fragrances encourage you to pick your signature – something that will linger behind you long after you’re gone. Something that your friends, families, and even acquaintances, will remember you for. Ineke creates memorable fragrances.

The creator of Ineke Niche Parfum Fragrance

Who Created the Brand?

Raised in Canada, Ineke Ruhland is a classic, timeless beauty with a knack for artisan perfumes and well-combined fragrances. She moved to Europe in 1988, earning at apprenticeship in perfuming at a fragrance house in Paris, and she easily, quickly, perfectly honed her talent for creatively concocted aromas. Ineke Ruhland began her brand – Ineke – after moving to San Francisco over a decade ago. She brought her passion with her, and she is notable for imagining and creating evocative, thought-provoking perfumes that are basically fragrant “stories” told to the noses of her devoted fans. Ineke imbues each collection – every perfume – with her uniqueness, desire, artisan talent, and love of original fragrances.

The philosophy of Ineke Niche Parfum Fragrance

Their Beautiful Philosophy

Ineke has never settled on a single specific idea, concept, or philosophy. Instead, this brand strives for uniqueness and originality, implementing numerous ideas, concepts, and philosophies on an everyday basis. Each member of the creative team attempts to accomplish passion in every perfume they imagine and create, and prospective customers are number ones when it comes to who to appease. This is a brand that cares! Their ideas and inspirations are discussed at length, and each fragrance is developed to perfection before being released to the adoring public. There are real thoughts and passionate feelings behind every perfume Ineke produces, making them artisan experts at blending perfect aromas.

Inspiration behind Ineke Niche Parfum Fragrance

Inspirations for Intriguing Collections

Ineke (the creator) draws inspiration from the numerous stories and memories that surround her everyday life. She uses her memories of the past to create playful, flirtatious, passionate, expressive scents that can make you smile, tug at your heart strings, bring back a flood of your own memories, or bring a tear to your eye. Her collections are intriguing – to say the least, as they are handcrafted to be evocative. The inspirations can also be stories – either fiction or historic, and each fragrance is combined beautifully to reflect the sweet, imagined scents that permeate those fairytales. Ineke encourages your imagination to roam, enticing your mind into making your own inspirational interpretation of a fragrance.

The A-Z Collection from Ineke Niche Parfum Fragrance

The A-Z Collection

When Ineke began – the creative mind behind the brand released her fragrances in alphabetical order, and it became the A-Z Collection. Thus far, she has produced A through H, and when asked about her plans for Z, she had yet to think that far ahead. Her hopes are to release a single new fragrance in the A-Z Collection on an annual basis. A few examples would be After My Own Heart (a romantic fragrance with lilac overtones), Balmy Days & Sundays (a springtime fragrance with top notes of green grass and sweet flowers), and Chemical Bonding (a unique combination of citrus and powder, representing the alchemy of love).

The Botanist’s Travel Sprays from Ineke Niche Parfum

The Botanist’s Travel Sprays

Think back to when you last entered your favorite room – anywhere. It can be a resort next to the ocean, where you could smell the salt in the air and the sweet scents of coconut lotion. Or perhaps the library, or a favorite bookstore, where beautiful whiffs of classic stories caught your attention. Ineke captures these perfect moments and brings out your memories in the rooms of your choice. The Botanist’s Travel Sprays are nestled within faux books with the names presented on the book spines – whimsical, unique, and gorgeous. To name a few – Angel’s Trumpet, Scarlet Larkspur, and Sweet William.

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