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A classic heritage recreated with all the panache of 1920's Paris, Jovoy recaptures the opulence of the Golden Age of Style. Assertive, individual and sophisticated, this unique collection is a heady reminder of the romance and mystique of an age when French chic was at its most extravagant, with well-to-do men about town sparing no expense to earn the favour of their mistresses. Like the originals, today's Jovoy perfumes are for confident, successful women who love the limelight and want to be noticed.

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The Philosophy

What is behind the modern brand. The new, resurgent Jovoy recaptures all the distinctive allure of the original, selecting the finest rare essences and blending them with passion to produce extravagant fragrances that stir deep emotions. Updated for modern tastes, each signifies a unique and unforgettable sensory experience, inspired by a special place or memory and evoking a powerful response. These are rich creations with a unique ability to move and inspire. Exciting and lavish, they are elegant tributes to the opulence of the original Jovoy brand.

The Heritage

About Blanche Arvoy who created this brand. Blanche Arvoy created the original Jovoy perfumes in 1923, taking her inspiration from an era of jazz, cocktails and unashamed decadence. With names like Gardez-Moi (Keep Me) and L'ardent nuit (Burning Night), they were created for sophisticated, assertive women who wanted to impress. Presented in Lalique crystal bottles, each Jovoy perfume was a refined and beautiful jewel which announced its wearer's arrival in a blaze of opulence. Patronised by beautiful courtesans and by the wealthy men who kept them, her Paris shop became a celebrated haven for lovers of the extravagant.

The Story

After years learning the secrets of distilling natural essences in the forests of Vietnam, Francois Hénin's vision was to recreate one of perfume's most illustrious names. He succeeded, embarking on a unique spiritual journey that captures the atmosphere of special moments from his life, with vivid fragrances full of character and meaning. Presented alongside other rare fragrances at his Paris store, these resurrected Jovoy perfumes are an inspiring treasure for the discerning perfume lover.

Fragrance Collection

The new Jovoy collection is a remarkable achievement, full of exquisite creations. Of the ten fragrances it contains, we have selected the four we love best, each one possessing a special charm that demands our attention and makes it outstanding. From the vivacity of Psychodelique, to the sophistication of Private Label, the sensual invitation of Ambre Premier and the raw sensual power of L'Art de la Guerre, these are perfumes created for true devotees of the art.

Candle Collection

Jovoy's range extends beyond perfume to include magnificent scented candles, each of which is as rich and heady as the brand's fragrances. Crafted from the very finest raw ingredients, these candles are a fresh and exciting way to bring sophisticated aromas into the home or other living environment. We have carefully selected the very best of the range, with a focus on the passion and vibrancy that makes Jovoy so special.
"I came up with the idea of creating a 'temple of rare perfumes'"
Francois Henin (Jovoy)
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