Jul et Mad Paris

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If you ever caught the luxurious, beautiful notes of romance, passion, and desire in a single whiff of sweet-scented perfume, then you can already understand why we LOVE Jul et Mad. These fragrances are seduction and love incarnate, celebrating the beauty of true love in stages that celebrate the passion and desire that two people might share for one another. We love that the Jul et Mad fragrances evokes thoughts of warm evenings spent strolling a seashore, sips of delicious coffee while cuddled in bed, and nights of love-making where eroticism and sensuous exploration combine. These scents are designed to make one yearn for, long for, and crave the touch of their lover.

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The Artisans behind the Brand

When it comes to love and passion, the artisans behind Jul et Mad have a natural expertise, as their desire and romance are the backdrop for their fragrances. Julien and Madalina are a beautiful pair with a longing to share the heart of their true love stories with the world. Their fragrances detail their unexpected descent into romance, beginning with a combination of overtones that are seductive and mysterious – in much the same way Julien described Madalina when they first met. The name – Jul et Mad – comes from a shortened version of both of the artisans names. In essence, the brand moniker means Julien and Madalina.

Ideas & Concepts

Julien and Madalina strive to evoke thoughts and memories of love with every whiff of their fragrances. Their ideas span the gamut of desire and romance within their relationship, and their inspirations are the fantastic feelings and explorations of their everyday love story. Their hopes and dreams are that others will experience love, yearning, and sensuous experiences while wearing the Jul et Mad fragrances. Their first encounter before Julien and Madalina married serves as the inspiration for the second fragrance in the collection (Terasse à St-Germain). The scents are feminine with a rustic twinge reminiscent of springtime in Paris. Encounters such as this one are the ideas and inspirations for their most alluring fragrances.

French Savoir Faire & Raw, All-Natural Materials

Jul et Mad has certainly taken the world by storm when it comes to the beautiful fragrances of their products, and what those scents mean in terms of love, passion, and desire. However, upon closer inspection, their fragrances grow only more beautiful and pleasing, as the lovebirds use only the best, rawest, purest ingredients, elements, and materials to create their perfect scents. Their olfactive love stories are the epitome of French Savoir Faire, as the components are all-natural with essence that delight instead of irritate. Some people have severe sensitivities to the chemicals in most perfumes, and this is something Jul et Mad understands. Their fragrances are safe and formulated with sensitivities in mind.

The Beautiful Packaging

Aside from expressing the tale of their love and romance, the lovebirds of Jul et Mad also wanted their products to make an instant visual impact upon reception. Their bottle designs are flawless and well-thought out, as both Julien and Madalina hold their packaging to the highest standards. From engraved glass to platinum, frosted letters and symmetrical perfection, each bottled fragrance is the visual calling card for who these two lovers are and the stories they are striving to convey. When customers order a Jul et Mad fragrance, they can expect to receive their perfume within a light grey or white leather box. The glass bottle is nestled within white velvet, giving the entire package a sophisticated appearance.

The Fragrance Collection

At the moment, Jul et Mad have numerous inspirations and ideas for the future of their fragrances, but The Fragrance Collection revolves around their first three – Stilettos on Lex, Terrasse à St-Germain, and Amour de Palazzo. Each of these fragrances tell a unique part of Julien and Madalina’s love story, beginning with Stilettos on Lex – a scent that exudes feminine independence and seduction ins bold overtones of white musk, rose petals, and vanilla. This fragrance is followed by Terrasse à St-Germain – a combination of patchouli, citrus, and spices in tribute to the lovers first meeting in Paris. Then there is the Amour de Palazzo – a fragrance that honors their marriage vows in amber and leather.
Rare is the union of beauty and purity.