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Keeko offers a way to better oral health and a brighter smile without the need for toxic chemicals.

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Oil remove toxins and whiten teeth.

Keeko works by trapping the bacteria baddies that hide in your mouth and teeth and kicking them to the curb. The reason why it is so effective is because the bacteria is oil soluble, so it’s attracted to the oil like a magnet, so when you spit Keeko out, you’re getting rid of plaque and toxins.

A cleaner, fresher mouth.

Unlike other oil pulling products, Keeko has been expertly formulated with a power packed blend of organic cold pressed coconut oil and organic essential oils that are super anti-bacteria fighters and have extra teeth whitening power.

Organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Keeko’s cold pressed coconut oil is organic and the essential oils are certified organic. Keeko only uses natural flavours. Keeko is suitable for vegans and animal lovers worldwide.

Cold pressed coconut oil.

Keeko is 100% proudly made in Australia with only the finest organic oils and natural flavourings. Never tested on animals!

Whiten your teeth naturally.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that consists of swishing oil around the mouth to naturally remove toxins and whiten teeth. It also has the ability to produce seriously awesome results for the rest of the bod and promote overall oral hygiene.