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Beauty, Art + Science.

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Meet The Founder.

Sheena Yaitanes, a California native, fell in love with cosmetics at a very young age. Her mother worked with many classic beauty brands and the products she brought home laid the foundation for Sheena’s fascination. After studying natural sciences and organic chemistry at the University of California and developing a passion for art, Kosås was created to bring to life a world of colour cosmetics that spoke to who she was, and the women she knew and admired.


Kosås make beauty products for thoughtful and refined women, they believe that cosmetics can be simple and still be stunning. Inspired by the natural beauty in every woman, this beauty is celebrated with pigments that complement all skin tones and ingredients that enhance the natural beauty of the face. Kosås is for anyone who wants to look their best - at meetings, on dates, at dinner parties, on planes and everywhere in-between.

Nourishing Ingredients.

Hand made in Los Angeles, Kosås source ingredients for two reasons: extreme nourishment, and supreme luxury. Their lipsticks are formulated to protect lips from UV damage, heal, hydrate, boost collagen and to soften and plump the lips. Rosehip, Green Tea, Grapeseed oil and mango butter are just the highlights here, whilst Orange Oil is added for the uplifting scent.

For Every Skin Tone.

Drawing on her talent of painting, Sheena began mixing acrylic paints to find the perfect shades for her line, determined to find a colour palette that would look good on everyone. The secret to formulas that “look human,” she says, hinges on colour proportions. There are no nudes, tan or beige shades here, as these often fall flat. Instead we have reds, plums and pinky neutrals with perfect undertones to bring the complexion to life.

Finish & Application.

All Kosås lip colours are buildable, starting from sheer stains to full coverage, with a non-drying creamy matte finish thanks to their luscious ingredients list. It’s no wonder top makeup artists such as Monika Blunder and Katey Denno use them on their celebrity clients. For application, Sheena has just two rules; exfoliate well, then slick on two coats either straight from the bullet or dabbed on with your finger (and no lip liner - ever).