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The Brand

At LEBON, we care about doing GOOD. Good for your teeth. Good for your health. Good for your mood. Good for our planet. Our truly healthy, eco-friendly, organic and effective oral care collection is packed with natural goodness to offer a super clean green alternative to chemically-loaded toothpaste. We care about oral wellbeing like none other: not only do we leave your mouth clean and fresh but we also transform your mood, keep your body toxin-free whilst showing some kindness to our planet.

The Founders

Founders Stephanie Palacci and her husband Richard love to travel and always find beauty being by the sea and in nature. In 2014, whilst overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, their vision for LEBON was born: a love story between the power of nature and two people wanting to make a difference. Through the 9 flavors in their LEBON Collection, Stephanie and Richard offer their interpretation of the most remote, inspiring and sweetest places they have travelled to together.

The Collection

LEBON oral care is vegan friendly and naturally sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana. We have a non-ending “free of” list, including being cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulphate free, fluoride free, titanium dioxide free. The LEBON Organic Oral Care Collection is a tribute to escapism, to flavours and perfumes offered by the sea and nature and to the diversity of world cultures, and of course, its…All our toothpastes contain certified organic aloe vera and green tea, to naturally help protect gums and prevent tooth decay, whilst our alcohol-free, ready to use mouthwash is dedicated to perfecting fresh breath and oral hygiene, so you can smile and kiss with confidence!

The Philosophy

Everything we do is “bon”, just plain simple uncompromised goodness. Made in France, we use the highest quality, natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and we consciously leave out all nasty toxins. We create gloriously creamy foaming textures that keep your teeth clean and mouth healthy. We use the best press of essential oils and blend our exclusive aromas in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. We create interesting and unique flavors that not only ensure perfect oral hygiene but also boost your mood and transform your usual brushing routine into a full flavor therapy experience.


Our potent flavours stimulate your senses, allow the mind to wildly wander and transport you from your bathroom to the most remote inspiring and beautiful places around the world. With a flavour for every mood, each blend is designed to transport your mind and transform how you feel. You can even heighten your flavor therapy experience with one of our daily mantras and self-care rituals. Through our delicious and exclusive flavours, we take you on a sensory journey allowing you to travel, dream and escape from the daily routine while brushing your teeth. Our goal is to encourage you to take time to re-center and rebalance at the beginning and end of each day. It may seem a lot to ask, but we believe bringing joy into even the simplest tasks can turn your daily rituals into something more meaningful.