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Liaison de Parfum

Why We Adore Liaison de Parfum

When it comes to capturing the essence of France – Liaison de Parfum has handcrafted French fragrances down to perfection. We love that their scents seem so effortless, yet the intermingled aromas are so complex, intricate, and overlapping in the most beautiful ways. We also love that their quartet of classic, instantly timeless fragrances are based on the four seasons of life, as well as the four seasons of nature. Liaison de Parfum has a knack for bringing the best of those seasons to light, drawing inspiration from the chill of winter, the crunch of autumnal leaves, the languid heat of summer, and the freshness of springtime.

The Creator of Liaison de Perfume Fragrance

The Creator

You might think that Liaison de Parfum just happened to pop-up overnight – sans founder and all – but, the truth is, Nana de Bary is the imaginative mastermind behind the brand. She is a true romantic – one of the few remaining in the world (in our humble opinion), and she has chosen to share her passions for desire and love in fragrances that reflect the romance of life. Each of the Liaison de Parfum fragrances has a special meaning attached with memories that are specific to Nana de Bary and her experience in love and passion. She handcrafts her scents herself, of course – simply to ensure that each fragrance is blended to perfection, capturing the exact memory she is digging from her mental treasure trove.

Ideas behind the Liaison de Perfume Fragrance

Ideas behind the Brand

The creator – Nana de Bary – is a romantic, yes, but she is also a storyteller who expresses her tales in beautiful, memorable fragrances. She captures unwavering characteristics of a plethora of people in a quartet of signature scents, and her brand brims with ideas and inspirations from the inner workings of her mind. One idea that Nana de Bary brought to Liaison de Parfum is the concept that the people she has met in her life should be honored and memorialized. Incorporating the seasons of all three love, life, and nature, these perfumes convey the essence of her memories in tribute to the people she has known in the past.

Inspirations for the Liaison de Parfume Fragrances

Inspirations for Liaison de Parfum

As aforementioned, each of the Liaison de Parfum fragrances represents a specific moment from the memory bank of creator, Nana de Bary. Her inspirations are detailed, and she can perfectly describe each fragrance that goes with a certain memory. For example – the Liaison de Parfum Resist Me Fragrance is daring and handsome, detailing the autumn of love and life through a mixture of bold, confident scents. Nana de Bary has poured her memories and heart into each fragrance, telling the stories of people and the loves she has known throughout her existence. As time progresses, you can pinpoint the mash-up of scents that make each fragrance memorable and distinctive.

Who Should Wear Liaison de Perfume Fragrances?

Who Should Wear Liaison de Parfum?

Those flirtatious beauties with a knack for fluttering their lashes and gaining the recognition and attention of everyone in the room – those gentlemen in their business attire who cannot wait to get home and into some lounge pants – those curious teens who are experimenting with finding the perfect fragrances to match their personalities – those housewives who need a little pick-me-up after the kids are off to school… and every single person in between. In short – Liaison de Parfum is a must-wear for anybody, anywhere, any situation. Their fragrances vary enough that everyone could find a favorite, and you can make up your own occasion if you absolutely need a reason. So – who should wear Liaison de Parfum? You should.

The Fragrance Collection from Liaison de Perfume

The Fragrance Collection

At the moment – Liaison de Parfum boasts four unique fragrances, and those beautiful scents and their meanings are – Stay With Me – noteworthy as being a fragrance for every kind of dreamer. There are overtones of seashore salt, jasmine, and citrus, on a hearty backdrop of orange blossoms, rose petals, and lilies. I Dare You – a challenge to those with the daring enough to take the plunge. This fragrance begins on notes of leather, amber, and sandalwood, ending with vetiver and patchouli. Resist Me – alluring and telling of elegance and exquisite refinements, this scent starts with leather and musk amidst a background of llemon, lavender, and tangerine. No Matter What – inspiring of romance, this perfume combines roses, jasmine, sweet peaches, and bold bergamot.

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