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A celebration of global beauty. Because beauty is diverse, beauty is authentic, beauty is in all of us.

Meet Lina Hanson.

Meet Lina Hanson.

Lina Hanson is a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Author and green beauty expert. Lina was born and raised in Sweden where eco-conscious living was an ingrained part of her life, she eventually moved to New York City to train as a makeup artist and then moved to Los Angeles to further her career. As a makeup artist she was sent hundred of products to use on her clients, but quickly realised the ingredients were not at all skin-friendly and switched her kit over to all-natural cosmetics. Lina works with some of Hollywood’s most famous faces, including Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor and Ellen Page.

Lina Hanson Global Beauty.

Global Beauty.

The Lina Hanson range celebrates Global Beauty. The beauty industry is saturated with products promising to reverse ageing and hide flaws. To Lina, beauty is about loving yourself and being comfortable in your own skin, despite what the media says it should be. Lina Hanson challenges the way we view beauty by creating skincare products that celebrate the authentic beauty in all of us. By drawing on traditions from around the world, Lina creates luxury skincare for the globally conscious. Every time you use a Lina Hanson product, Lina want’s you to feel beautiful no matter your age, ethnicity, colour or shape… you are beautiful.

Lina Hanson Brand Philosophy.

Brand Philosophy.

Because they believe less is more, Lina Hanson products are formulated to be versatile. The Global Collection saves space on your counter, in your luggage and in your mind. It’s multi-purpose luxury at it’s finest. Lina regularly travels the world to source her ingredients and has teamed up with many women’s cooperatives and farmers globally to source the world’s most sought-after ingredients. By sourcing ethically, they are able to create opportunities that help make positive changes in peoples’ lives around the world.

Lina Hanson Thanaka Powder.

Thanaka Powder.

Lina spent over two months in South East Asia learning about their most celebrated natural ingredients and here discovered the best-kept beauty secret: Thanaka powder. She would see women with a light yellow powder painted on their cheeks and noses and quickly learned that it was a natural ingredient from Myanmar named Thanaka. It comes from the bark of the Thanaka Tree and it's been a longtime beauty ritual, applying the powder to cool the skin and protect it from sunburn. After more research and experimenting she learned that not only is it a skin protector, it tightens pores, decreases blackheads, brightens, clarifies and smoothes the skin. It's truly an amazing ingredient and can be found in the Global Face Trio.

Lina Hanson Sartori.


Every Lina Hanson product smells divine in it’s own right, consistently topping beauty editor’s favourites with their lush formulas and dreamy scents. Lina created the Satori perfume oil after her journey to the Far East, where she had the opportunity to experience the culture and admire the beautiful landscapes of Asia . A scent like no other, Satori is exotic, sensual and unique. Warm and sweet vanilla, sandalwood, traditional Asian citrus fruit-yuzu and spicy, uplifting ginger. The perfume is deep, warm and earthy with a fresh citrus twist. Like an exotic princess in a bottle. Unlike many natural fragrances, this potent blend wears very well so apply sparingly to wrists, neck or behind the ears.

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