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Also known as BEX – we love Londoner because their image is mysterious and seductive, encouraging customers to get to know their fragrances from first-hand experience. Their scents are handcrafted to exude sophistication, elegance, and loveliness – but each fragrance is unique and original, conveying an evocative story in intermingled scents alone. Another reason we love Londoner is because of the simple packaging of their products. Instead of spending thousands on fancy-schmancy exteriors, the white bottles and silver misting pumps serve the same purpose – releasing the true gem within. Though, their boxes feature small drawings that detail what someone could expect from the interior fragrance.

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The Imaginative Creator

Rebecca Goswell is a beautiful, passionate perfumer, designer, creator, and director with her heart in the business of fragrance and beauty brands. Londoner is her creation – named for her long-time love affair with London and the feelings that she felt while exploring the old towns. This romance inspired her to seek assistance from a 4th generation perfumer and her friend, Francois Robert. Together, these two capture and captivate with the essences of London. Their brand fragrances are based in memories, and each scent features bold overtones that are offset in a complementing way by subtler, gorgeous undertones. Rebecca Goswell’s obvious passion for both the perfuming industry and London clearly shine through in her collections of imaginative fragrances.

Ideas behind the Brand

When Rebecca Goswell and Francois Robert began collaborating on the Londoner fragrances, their aim was capturing memories of London in scents that others would recognize immediately. Now, the ideas for those collections come from an array of varying sources, as both creator and perfumer are inspired by different things on a daily basis – all connected with the natural beauty and elegance of London. Londoner, as a brand and as a collection of fragrances, is alive and vivacious with undertones and overtones that are well-thought out and worthwhile. They’re also memorable, becoming an instant favorite, while also kicking up old memories that may have been locked away.

Press Releases & Magazine Reviews

BEX Londoner is an award-winning brand – therefore, it comes as no surprise that their fragrance collections have been the subject of praise in numerous press releases and magazine reviews. Some of their most notable fanatics (and the kind things those fanatics said) are – Vogue reviewed their collections in 2012 stating that Londoner was a fragrance for anyone, anywhere. Whereas, Vogue UK presented Londoner with an invitation-only event in their September issue of 2014, basically proclaiming that their fragrances were fashion-fabulous and ideal for those with a true passion for exquisite perfumes. There have also been reviewers who stated that Londoner was the “perfect cross between neo-vintage and contemporary chic,” as well as others who said, “Londoner is a stand-out brand for sure.”

Who Best Wears Londoner Fragrances?

Who best wears Londoner fragrances? The correct question would be – Who should never wear Londoner fragrances? Unless you have severe allergies to awesome elements that smell amazing, then absolutely anyone, anywhere can wear these perfumes and colognes. They are unisex scents, meaning absolutely ANYONE can wear them, and they are perfect for every single occasion you could possibly conjure up. Additionally, you can wear multiple fragrances at once if you choose. Or simply one, interchanging your favorites to match your moods on different days. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or where you going – YOU can definitely, totally wear any Londoner fragrance that strikes your fancy.

The Fragrance Collection

While always working on new and unique fragrances, Londoner has a quartet of tried-and-true scents. They were there at the beginning, and these fragrances will be there until the end because each of the four is timeless and classic. Those 4 Londoner must-haves are – SE1 – a spiced mixture of sea moss, driftwood, vetiver, and citrus, reminiscent of the antiquated Thameside wharfs in London. EC2 – a traditionally British blend of lime, lemons, grapefruit, black pepper, warm amber, and nutmeg. N6 – a modern concoction with inspiring overtones of bergamot, pink peppers, jasmine, caramel, sandalwood, and amber. W1X – a feminine mash-up of neo-vintage rose petals, jasmine, violets, vanilla, and rustic woods.
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