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  1. Circadian Balance Tonic, 10ml Circadian Balance Tonic, 10ml New
  2. The Vitality Elixir 10ml
  3. The Hawaiian Hydration 10ml
  4. The Hawaiian Nights 10ml
  5. Winter Grace Balm 15ml
  6. The Hawaiian Nights 30ml
  7. The Hawaiian Hydration 30ml
  8. The Bean Mask 50ml The Bean Mask 50ml
    The Bean Mask 50ml
  9. Mahalo Beauty Balm 50ml
  10. Rare Indigo Beauty Balm 30ml
  11. The Petal Mask 100ml
    The Petal Mask 100ml

15 Items

Set Descending Direction
Eco meets luxury with Mahalo’s artisanal handcrafted skincare. Unique potions, magic elixirs and decadent balms transport us to the islands of Hawaii… all without leaving the bathroom.

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Meet Maryna.

Blessed with living on the exotic island of Kauai, Hawaii, Maryna Kracht’s passion for beauty, nature and mindful living led to the creation of Mahalo in the spring of 2014. Still a relatively new and small company, every Mahalo process and product is completed and created by hand in her island studio. In it you’ll find ingredients, pre mixed batches and macerating oils surrounded by the creative chaos of running a company.

Hawaii Infused.

Each Mahalo product is inspired by a different Hawaiian Island which you’ll find represented on the bottle or jar via a carved image. For example, Oahu Island inspired the Vitality Elixir, whilst Maui Island can be seen on Vacation Glow. Mahalo also takes advantage of the exotic plants and minerals of the Islands and you will often find the likes of Hibiscus, Noni fruit, Kukui oil and Hawaiian clay in many of their products.

Conscious Packaging.

In creating the line, Maryna knew she wanted Mahalo to stand as a symbol of art and nature coming together to be a catalyst for conscious choice and self-love. After testing and reviewing countless packaging options, Maryna realised that they had to create something that would be uniquely their own – that is when the bamboo vision came to mind. It took over five months to design the look and after a successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2014, they were able to bring the line to life.

The Rare Indigo Balm.

You have never used a balm like Rare Indigo. Violet in tone, silky smooth in texture, and the scent? floral, fruity and warm vanilla so delicious we would use this as a perfume if possible. A little goes a long way when applying this uniquely-soft and creamy balm, just a drop is needed to nourish the complexion. Organic oils and butters of hemp, murumuru, babassu, marula and acai are just a few of the exotic ingredients to be found in this one-of-a-kind treatment.

Maryna’s Mighty Skin Reset Recipe.

1tsp Pele Mask powder + 1tsp of water, mixed + 1tsp the Petal Mask paste + 3-4 sprays of toner/water + 2-3 pumps of Vitality Elixir. Mix to form a pudding consistency and apply a thick layer over face, neck and décolleté with a mask brush. Relax. Rejoice. Let your secret weapon to youthful glow do its magic for 20 or so minutes. Remove with warm wet washcloth and follow with the Vitality Elixir or the Rare Indigo balm.