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Moss Skincare Meet Celestyna.

Meet Celestyna.

Having acne isn’t fun. It’s soul-destroying and confidence-crushing - and it’s worse when you happen to be an adult, too. Celestyna knows this, having suffered with severe acne for most of her life. Moss was born from her endless search for a holistic cure for acne, eventually discovering the plant ingredients and holistic lifestyle tricks that could keep the acne beast at bay. She then began experimenting with making her own formulas and sourcing rare and wonderful ingredients from around the world to incorporate into her acne-clearing miracle potions.

Moss Skincare Specific Care.

Specific Care.

Whilst many other ranges offer general skincare ranges for acne prone skin, Celestyna know’s acne isn’t ‘one size fits all’. The entire moss line is dedicated to acne prone skin, and within you will find treatments, cleansers and oils specifically developed for your variation of acne. Got cystic acne? Try Zen Physic dabbed on blemishes throughout the day. Sensitive, clogged and oily? Purist facial oil. Got inflammation and redness? Get the Healing Dew serum. And so many more options.

Moss Skincare Ingredient Purity.

Ingredient Purity.

If an ingredient isn’t beneficial for acne-prone skin, it doesn’t make it into a moss formula. Only ingredients that are maximally safe and healing for acne-prone skin are used, nothing else get’s in besides the ingredients chosen for this particular quality. It’s as simple as that. Celestyna chooses ingredients that are not only rare and exotic (maqui powder, ucuuba butter, karanja oil, etc..) but often have multiple benefits for the skin and senses.

Moss Skincare Fresh & Artisanal.

Fresh & Artisanal.

Moss products aren’t mass produced or machine made, they’re not cheap with filler ingredients to bulk them out, and they’re not rushed. Each blend is made by hand by Celestyna, with some special or limited edition products taking days or weeks to create. Infusions made from scratch and powders ground by hand - moss is a labour of love for skin, true artisanal beauty designed for rebel skin.

Moss Skincare Unique Sun Protection.

Unique Sun Protection.

Always be protected from the sun with the moss Halo Sun Protection Powder. This special powder blend of non-nano zinc oxide and skin soothing ingredients can be mixed with any facial oil or balm to add instant sun protection. Avoid adding another greasy layer of SPF that can overwhelm fussy skin and cause breakouts with the use of Halo, our new sun protection savior.

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