Noble Isle

Why We Love and Admire Noble Isle?

We love the historic factors and inspirations that Noble Isle implement in the imagining and creation of their skincare, body-care, and fragrance products. The ingredients in their handcrafted favorites are natural with a richness, lushness, and fine fragrance that comes from the innate minerals, elements, and vitamins in nature. We also adore the fact that Noble Isle is an actual place, and this brand exudes the serenity, peace, and calm that distinguishes the island. In modern days, the island is called Great Britain, but James III of Scot declared it a Noble Isle – a nickname that stuck in 1474. The brand of Noble Isle draws their inspiration from the expanse of the British Isles, spanning Ireland through Scotland, England, and Wales.

Noble Isle Inspirations for Their Products

Inspirations for Their Products

As aforementioned, James III of Scot was the original to dub Great Britain the ‘Noble Isle’ – and that is where Katy Simpson and her co-founders drew their inspiration for their amazing brand. Their history is definitely something to love about Noble Isle, but their products are also beautifully printed with the Noble Isle emblem. Drawn by a Cornish artisan with an expertise in flowers and quick sketches, the Noble Isle signature is a cluster of flowers, hand-drawn to represent the blossoms of the British Isles. The flowers are centered on a roll-top, claw-footed bathtub – an icon of old-world Great Britain. Rather than draw inspirations for their skincare and body-care products from certain fragrances, Noble Isle strives for luxurious, smooth products.

Noble Isle The Creator behind the Brand

The Creator behind the Brand

Despite the miraculous nature of Noble Isle, this brand does indeed have an amazing creator, and her name is Katy Simpson. Vivacious and vibrant with a passion for intermingled fragrances and mood-boosting, nourishing products, Katy created Noble Isle with the help of 3 others – all who share her same passion. While fragrances, body-care, and skincare are all things that Katy absolutely adores on every level, she also loves Britain, and Noble Isle is 100% British founded and owned. Their products are produced by local artisans, and each fragrance is one that Katy has a personal, in-depth connection with memory-wise. Her advice to those seeking to develop their own likewise successful business? Be brave!

Noble Isle Bottles that Dress to Impress

Bottles that Dress to Impress

When asked what their brand thought about packaging, Noble Isle responded that they want their products to be “bold, luxurious, and inspired by the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles.” What we interpret from there words is pride and ambition to make every product unique in every aspect – packaging included. Dubbed the Noble Isle creative team – a group of can-do attitudes discovered the optimum bottle shapes that would convey the brand’s sleekness in a sensuous, all-glass silhouette. Each bottle is distinctive, depending on the product within. For example, haircare, washes, and creams are nestled within a strong bottle, shaped like an old whisky keg and topped with a pump that has been embossed with the Noble Isle seal.

Noble Isle Standards & Promises

Standards & Promises

Self-proclaimed “specialists of high-performing bath and body products,” Noble Isle offers no out-of-proportion promises. Instead, they guarantee that their products look, feel, and smell fantastic – everything that each lotion, shower gel, and hand-wash is supposed to do. Their creative process is extensive, as the team of imaginative, can-do makers are tasked with upholding the standards of a voluminous, vivacious brand. Their palette of hand-tailored colors are vibrant, making each product moreso unique and original than the last. This process and those standards gives Noble Isle control over the boldness and unmistakable loveliness of their brand – making them memorable and encouraging customers to pick a favorite when it comes to their lengthy collections.

Noble Isle The Products Collection

The Products Collection

Noble Isle is notable for their large collection of hand soaps, bath & shower gels, haircare products, body lotions, hand lotions, and (of course) home fragrances. However, while these products are all nourishing to the senses, Noble Isle is most popular for their selection of fragrances that are spread throughout their infamous products. Some of our fragrance favorites begin with Fireside, which is the honeyed scent of grapefruits, pink peppers, and oakmoss with touches of vanilla and ginger – but we also love Willow Song, a combination of rose petals, ivy, water lilies, watermelon, and willow bark. We also absolutely love Lightning Oak – a blend of grapefruit, earthy bergamot, clove buds, and sandalwood.

The world is inspiring – everything you see, feel and smell. It never ceased to amaze me and I am humbled by it year after year.

Katy Simpson, Noble Isle

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