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We have an array of reasons for absolutely loving Olfactive Studio – one of them being that this brand is oh-so creative, imaginative, and purely artistic. They have unsurpassed, undeniable support for photographers of all kinds, and they believe in the power of artwork – whether it be for visual or olfactive stimulation. Another reason we love Olfactive Studio is because of their keen combination of evocative, expressive ingredients. These fragrances are blended to perfection, capturing the essence of a single photograph, and reinterpreting that image in unique scents. Their creations have strong personalities in much the same way the original photographs do.

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The Imaginative Creator of the Brand

Céline Verleure is a passionate perfumer with a love of photography and an appreciation for all forms of arts and design. She has over two decades of experience as a connoisseur for the fragrance industry, and her dream of imagining and creating her own fragrances launched in September 2011. She gathered the confidence for Olfactive Studio a year earlier, in 2010, after beginning a Facebook page with the name a ‘Blog for the fragrance that doesn’t (yet) exist)!’ This gathered hundreds of devoted, influential followers, and she has found similar success from the dedicated fanatics who absolutely adore everything about Olfactive Studio (like us).

The Ideas behind Olfactive Studio

Olfactive studio has an intriguing take on photographs, as the artisans view those images in fragrances. They are attempting – and succeeding – to paint a picture of the original photograph through combined, concentrated scents alone. These are the ideas behind each of their fragrances, and they have a knack for perfectly capturing the essence of a photograph through a concoction of simple ingredients. How do they decide which fragrances would be best to use? Well – the creative thinkers describe the picture in descriptive terms, honing in on what makes the photograph unique. They then decide collectively what scents those words would represent.

The Inspiring Photographers

There are hundreds of thousands of creative photographers in the world, each making their way in the artistic community with the ambition and fervor that comes from being oh-so passionate and loving what you do. Olfactive Studio strives to assist these photographers, getting the word out about their photographs and their talents through sweet combinations of alluring, expressive fragrances. Some of their most photographer inspirations for their most renowned perfumes are Massimo Vitali (LUMIÈRE BLANCHE), Laurent Segretier (Flashback), and Frédéric Lebain (Still-Life). These photographers all possess different, unique talents and tastes, and they are well-known worldwide for their creative processes.

The Fragrance Collection

Olfactive Studio has a quintet of the most beloved fragrances in The Fragrance Collection. LUMIÈRE BLANCHE is a moderate, inviting fragrance that both comforts and tantalizes with beautiful overtones of star anise and cinnamon – whereas, Chambre Noire is enveloping with high notes of jasmine, violet, and papyrus. Autoportrait is an intimate, deep fragrance brimming with elemi, oakmoss, and vetiver – the exact opposite of the Still-Life, a sweet scent of dark rum, star anise, yuzu and peppers. Flashback is a combination of super-beautiful fragrances, such as vetiver, cedar, grapefruit, and sweet rhubarb. The Olfactive Studio fragrances are beautifully welcoming, and there is truly something for everyone.

The Candle Collection

The Candle Collection from Olfactive Studio represent a trio of beautiful photographs in alluring fragrances – Autoportrait, Chambre Noire, and Still-Life. These sweet scents are evocative of emotions, and we encourage you to nestle back in your favorite, most comfortable sitting spot, and take in the fragrances that spread throughout your home. These Olfactive Studio candles are imbued with soul, and their personalities are designed to permeate and beauty the air throughout your living space. The fragrances are – Autoportrait (a sweet combination of intimate oakmoss, vetiver, and elemi), Chambre Noire (a concoction consisting of jasmine, papyrus, and violet), and Still-Life (an alluring mash-up of star anise, dark rum, and peppers).
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