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  1. No. 59 Body Lotion 300 ml
    Rue De Marli
    No. 59 Body Lotion 300 ml
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    Rue De Marli
    No. 59 Hand Soap 300ml
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    Rue De Marli
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When you visit someone’s home for the first time, the scents you encounter are the personalities of the occupants – and most people want their homes, as they want their bodies, to smell pleasant, amazing, and great. This is why we love Rue de Marli – because they understand the importance of great-smelling products that spread sweet, alluring scents throughout a house, apartment, office, or really anywhere. Their candles and bath products are also 100% organic, using plant-based extracts and essential oils to create a plethora of appealing, beautiful fragrances. The scent combinations are designed to tantalize and express, conveying the uniqueness of the person using them.

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The Idea behind the Brand

When Rue de Marli was created, the idea behind the brand was simple – provide people with skincare, body-care, and beautiful fragrances that enhance their lives through appealing to their strongest senses. The Rue de Marli containers are refined, yet basic and sophisticated all at once, making them the perfect addition to your collection of aromatic home and beauty products. Rue de Marli draws inspirations from numerous places, people, and things, such as springtime, flowers, moments in Paris, and historic creative thinkers. Each fragrance combination is different and original, which means there are more opportunities for scent-loving customers to discover what fragrances bring out the best in their personalities.

Standards & Expectations

Harvesting the most organic plants, herbs, and roots at the height of ripe maturity, Rue de Marli upholds the standards of traditional herbalists. Their beliefs center on finding and utilizing the benefits of nature, and then giving back to Mother Earth through using garden-grown ingredients that regenerate and enrich the soil over time. Rue de Marli, while devoted to nature and the herbal method of skincare, body-care, and home décor, is also dedicated to the contentment and happiness of their customers – both long-term and prospective. Their ingredients meet the standards of those with allergies or sensitivities, making their products safe for everyone and anyone to use.

Where Can You Use Rue de Marli?

Anywhere! Rue de Marli boasts an expansive selection of different products in unique collections, separated between skincare, body-care, and home design and décor. Their candles and room sprays can be used absolutely anywhere, and we encourage you to take these travel-sized, convenient mists with you whenever a room (hotel, bathroom, etc.) needs a quick pick-me-up. Where skincare and body-care are concerned, the lotions and moisturizers can be used mostly anywhere, as well. However, the majority of Rue de Marli customers prefer to add these products to their everyday beauty routine – be that in their bathroom or boudoir. When using Rue de Marli products, the question of where really comes down to where you feel most comfortable.

The Original Collection

The Original Collection contains an extensive array of unique, extraordinary products – each made with organic, 100% natural elements and beautiful components to rejuvenate your senses. There are lotions, creams, bath salts, and candles galore, and Rue de Marli has imbued each product with their own sweet blend of alluring fragrances. Described as apothecary-inspired, The Original Collection from Rue de Marli contains their signature products – ones that were there from the beginning, aging into vintage, timeless creams, lotions, and candles. A few of the most beloved of The Original Collection from Rue de Marli are the Rue de Marli Bath Salts, Rue de Marli Hand Cream, and (of course) Rue de Marli Hand Soap.

The Citron de Vigne Collection

The Citron de Vigne Collection from Rue de Marli boasts nourishing, nutrient-rich products that are divided cleansers and moisturizers. There are also candles to match the fragrances of some of their most renowned and beautiful lotions and creams in The Citron de Vigne Collection. Rue de Marli has made this collection distinctive, as roughly translated “Citron de Vigne” means “The Lemon Vine.” Therefore, you can deduce that these products are fresh and crisp with a subtle dash of lemon zest that gives them an extra twang of intriguing fragrance. Some of the most popular from The Citron de Vigne Collection are the Bath Sea Salts, Votive Candles, Hand Soaps, and Gift Sets.
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