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  1. Drink Bottle Calacatta Gold 500ml
  2. Drink Bottle Betsy Ann 500ml
  3. Drink Bottle Katie and Millie 500ml Out of Stock
  4. Drink Bottle Wiltshire 500ml
  5. Drink Bottle Purple Garnet 500ml
  6. Yellow Gold Roamer 1.82L Out of Stock
    Yellow Gold Roamer 1.82L
  7. Bottle Sub Rosa 500ml
    Bottle Sub Rosa 500ml
  8. Drink Bottle Tatton Park 500ml
  9. Drink Bottle Madonna Lily 500ml
  10. Drink Bottle Suzani 500ml
  11. Teakwood 260ml
    Teakwood 260ml
  12. Speckled Hen 260ml
    Speckled Hen 260ml
  13. Thristle 500ml
    Thristle 500ml
  14. Barware Set Teakwood
    Barware Set Teakwood
  15. Teakwood Carafe 1,5L
    Teakwood Carafe 1,5L
  16. Lilac Posy Water Bottle 500ml
  17. Lilac Posy Water Bottle 260ml
  18. Nomad Water Bottle 500ml
    Nomad Water Bottle 500ml
  19. Dreamer Water Bottle 500ml

20 Items

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The Official S'well® Bottle produces the best stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles available. S'well is the only hydration accessory that looks great and does good.

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Official S'well® Bottle

Each of S'well® Bottle products is beautifully crafted and composed of 18/8 stainless steel, helping to keep your beverage of choice hot or cold. It’s S’well’s ongoing mission to create products that are both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Vacuum insulated water bottle

S’well is the original “hydration accessory” bottle; there are no substitutes. An authentic S’well product offers advanced performance by keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Today S’well products are sold in over 75 countries

Double-walled, non-toxic stainless steel water bottle

S’well is also a proud supporter of several non-profit organizations and was founded with a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles.

Reusable steel water bottle

Creating a high-performance vacuum-sealed stainless steel water bottle involves a complicated manufacturing process that involves over 70 steps. There are no shortcuts, which means it’s easy for imitators to get it wrong.

BPA-free S’well bottles

Choosing a S’well product is a choice for health. S’well products are constructed from triple-walled BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel. When you drink from an authentic S’well product, you can be confident in your decision to stay healthy through hydration.