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  1. Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner 100ml
    Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner 100ml
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $19.00
  2. Thickening Conditioner 100ml
  3. Hair Repair 100ml
    Hair Repair 100ml
    Special Price $13.00 Regular Price $18.00
  4. Normalizing Conditioner 250ml
  5. Colour Protect Shampoo 250ml
  6. Colour Protect Conditioner 250ml
  7. Intensive Repair Conditioner 250ml
  8. Thickening Conditioner 250ml
  9. Hair Repair 250ml
    Hair Repair 250ml
  10. Hair After Sun 125ml
    Hair After Sun 125ml
  11. Hair Control Treatment 125ml
  12. Volume Powder 200ml
    Volume Powder 200ml
  13. Shine Serum 30ml
    Shine Serum 30ml

13 Items

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Meet Sacha & Juan.

The Sachajuan story began in 1997 with the opening of the now renowned Sachajuan salon in 1997 by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. The pair were brought together through mutual clients after many years of success - Sacha working as a top hair stylist for editorial content in New York, whilst Juan worked as a talented hairdresser for many celebrity clients. The salon soon became one of Sweden’s hottest hairdressing spots and the creation of their own haircare in 2004 was a natural step forward.

Uncomplicated Beauty

Whilst many brands continue to complicate their vision in an effort to make their line seem more interesting, Sachajuan believes the exact opposite. Their goal is to make products that are easy for us to use. Their simplistic and minimal packaging is a direct correlation to how they feel about styling hair. Hair should be beautiful and simple, and the beauty of Sachajuan is that it is designed to make beautiful hair easy to achieve.

Ocean Silk Technology

Developed especially for the range, the Ocean Silk Technology found inside all Sachajuan products is a unique blend of especially beneficial sea algae. The algae help to boost moisture, shine and the overall health and natural beauty of your hair unlike any other ingredients. Expect instant results no matter your hair type when you use Sachajuan professional haircare.

The Third Dimension.

Sachajuan haircare is three-dimensional and includes a holistic approach to hair results. For example, when Sachajuan see hair that shines, it goes beyond just looking shiny on the surface; it also applies to the feel and shape of the hair. This is the third dimension of good haircare, Sachajuan want our hair to look healthy, feel healthy and be healthy.

Mermaid Hair

Achieve perfect beach beautiful hair with the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo, Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner and of course, the cult classic Ocean Mist Texturising Salt Spray. Transform hair from lacklustre and lifeless in a flash, remove build up, add body, volume and shine with the shampoo and conditioner, then inject some serious texture and hold without a hint of crispy locks thanks to the Ocean Mist Spray.