Skin & Bones

Why We Love Skin & Bones

We love Skin & Bones because this brand gets down to the bare basics of what skincare and body-care should be. Their nourishing, all-natural ingredients are free of the harsh, harmful chemicals that usually permeate modern skincare, and these elements are brimming with beautifying vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Their components are 100% organic, garden-grown, and creator harvested, allowing them to use wild-crafted as one of their unique, extraordinary selling points. We also love the way Skin & Bones packages their products. Their designs are sleek, and almost antiquated, Victorian gothic, but the treasures nestled within are totally, eco-friendly, go-green hippie.

The Creative Minds behind the Skin & Bones luxury skincare

The Creative Minds behind the Brand

Dubbed the rock-stars of organic oils, creams, and cleansers, Heidi and Eric Jenkins founded Skin & Bones, putting their passion for pure products at the forefront of their business endeavors. This beautiful twosome have a knack for combining the most luscious of gorgeous, garden-grown ingredients, ensuring their customers get the utmost in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Their instincts are spot-on when it comes to the components of each cream and lotion, but their positions within the brand differ. Where Eric Jenkins is more geared toward the marketing and strategic content aspect of Skin & Bones, Heidi Jenkins is passionate about the creations and packaging that would make each product unique, memorable, and worthwhile to their prospective customers.

Promises, Ideas, and Philosophies behindskin & bones skincare

Promises, Ideas, and Philosophies

Skin & Bones is brimming with refined philosophies, inspirations, and ideas, but first among them is the belief that life should be lived simply, yet in a sophisticated manner – what you put on your skin should be as real and untainted as what you consume. The name Skin & Bones came from those beliefs, as these lotions and creams are designed to promote the overall health of your entire structure – skin, bones, and all. The creams work from the outside in, beautifying with each application, and absorbing quickly to distribute vitamins and nourishing nutrients throughout the body. This allows a protective barrier of minerals to build up over time, ensuring your body remains safe and secure from the harshness of brutal chemicals in other not-so-nice products.

Organic, All-Natural Ingredients of skin & bones skincare

Their Organic, All-Natural Ingredients

Skin & Bones is a go-green, eco-friendly brand that uses only the freshest, organic ingredients to create their amazing products. These all-natural elements – inclusive of the famed jojoba oil – are garden-grown, harvested, and mixed in handcrafted fashions to reap optimum nourishing benefits of the vitamins and minerals within. As aforementioned, jojoba oil is so renowned with Skin & Bones because they use it for the base in almost everything. Pronounced “ho-ho ba,” this extremely beneficial oil is an odorless, non-greasy excretion from jojoba plants, and it is a natural component of Vitamin E and super-healthy antioxidants. Skin & Bones loves it because it is an organic moisturizer, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and absolutely glowing from the inside out.

What Others are Loving about Skin & Bones luxury skincare

What Others are Loving about Skin & Bones

Praise and compliments are something that Skin & Bones creators are totally used to, and they deserve every single positive review. There are thousands of fanatics who consider themselves die-hard lovers of the brand, and they have nothing but great things to say. Most of what others are loving about Skin & Bones is how great each product smells. Their fragrances are all-natural and organic, which is a perk to how beautiful skin looks after each application. One reviewer wrote, “People stop me and tell me how wonderful I smell and how great my skin looks.” Another had this to say, “Not sure how they got this scent perfect, but it has depth and power.”

The Products Collection of Skin and Bones skin care

The Products Collection

Skin & Bones is a brand with their proverbial hands in everything. They strive for perfection in everything they do, and their products collection consists of the best of their endeavors, such as Luxurious Moisturizer, Cleanser, Candle, Salve, and Parfum. Some from their product collection, such as the candle and the perfumes, are designed to soothe, relax, and intrigue in lingering overtones of violet and nine other essential oils. Whereas, their creams and cleansers are handcrafted to moisturize, repair, and replenish your skin from face to feet – and some of those notable ingredients include (of course) jojoba oil, blended essential oils, aloe, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

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