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  1. Strange Beautiful Right+Wrong Nail Polish 2x4ml
  2. Strange Beautiful Crane Nail Polish 2x4ml
  3. Strange Beautiful Surgical Nail Polish 2x4ml
  4. Strange Beautiful Mineral Nail Polish 2x4ml
  5. Strange Beautiful Cold Nail Polish 2x4ml
  6. Strange Beautiful Iceberg Nail Polish 2x4ml
  7. Strange Beautiful Steely Nail Polish 2x4ml
  8. Strange Beautiful Cover Nail Polish 2x4ml
  9. Strange Beautiful Pilgrim Nail Polish 2x4ml
  10. Strange Beautiful Riper Nail Polish 2x4ml
  11. Strange Beautiful Mouse Nail Polish 2x4ml
  12. Strange Beautiful Anglican Nail Polish 2x4ml
  13. Strange Beautiful Calvary Nail Polish 2x4ml

15 Items

Set Descending Direction
We love StrangeBeautiful for their uniqueness, boldness, and determined endeavors towards ruling the world with their quirky concepts and custom fashion trends. Their nail polishes are top-notch in dazzling, shimmering, sleek, and smooth colors. Plus, there are two of them in every dual glass bottle – score! StrangeBeautiful is powerful and vivacious! Their ideas for nail polishes are focused on objects rather than specific colors. Instead of boring red, purple, or any number of other hues, the team of creative minds work hard to come up with unique, tantalizing names that perfectly, yet abstractly, describe exactly the colors that each polish is meant to capture.

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Who is Behind the Brand?

Jane Schub is an imaginative, creative vixen who we simply cannot get enough of. In 2009, she created StrangeBeautiful with the hopes of doing something unique, extraordinary, and different in the world of trends and fashion. She takes the dullness of everyday items and objects, and transforms them into a mash-up of colors – so vibrant and vivacious that you have an instant moment of recognition. Followed by surprised because you never noticed those hues before when staring at the objects that her nail polishes are named for. Amazing! Jane is a beauty, an artist, a fashion designer, and a creator in one!

StrangeBeautiful Philosophies & Ideas

StrangeBeautiful Nail Polishes are handcrafted artworks created by artisans with an expertise in awe-inspiring concepts and ideas. Their philosophies are varying, but one thing these creatives agree on is the every new polish must have an innate uniqueness that you can simply see at first glance. Ideas are put through a rigorous trial of originality, as the concepts are meant to be recognized, but in an abstract, thought-provoking way. For example, the StrangeBeautiful Mouse Nail Polish is gorgeous in brown and shimmering grey – which is actually the complementing color of many mice (something that most people would recognize, but only after having thought about it).


Creator and founder, Jane Schub, is inspired by everyday items, places, people, animals, objects, and words, such as cranes, mice, surgical anything, and libraries. She notices the contrasting and complementing colors of these things, separating them into recognizable ideas that fit perfectly within dual glass holders. She can draw inspiration from anything, anywhere, and she hopes to make hundreds of new nail polish colors based on the world around her. This collection of polishes can be described as both an accentuation for nails and thought-provoking artwork, and inspire is something Jane strives to do with her creations. Her work is both strange AND beautiful.

Quotes from Fellow StrangeBeautiful Enthusiasts

StrangeBeautiful has grown a base of die-hard fanatics and admirers, some of whom you may recognize. Such as Glass Magazine, who stated that the, “high-brow heritage of the line which has finally provided us with the perfect excuse to stay in and paint our nails…in the name of intellectual enrichment, of course.” Or how about when New York Magazine and the New York Times made their reviews with, “Her ostentatiously odd shades are note given names, but instead relate to the inspiration which led Schub to create them” and “merely calling Jane Schub’s collection ‘nail polishes’ almost seems like an injustice.”

The Cube Collection

Named for the uniqueness of the cubes in which the nail polish colors are contained, the Cube Collection from StrangeBeautiful features some of the most intriguing color combinations from this brand yet. The names are again abstract and enticing, as the colors tell a story of the person, place, or thing behind the name. There are over a dozen in the collection, and each one is designed to be mixed and matched. You can wear them together or separately on both your fingernails and toenails, and the polishes themselves are sleek and smooth for ease of application.