Teo Cabanel

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We love Teo Cabanel because, in a straightforward manner, the creator and perfumer work together tirelessly to imagine and create inspired, captivating fragrances for the world to enjoy. Their devoted efforts have spawned the essences of their customers, as every new warmth and unique, personal scent releases a new element within each fragrance. Teo Cabanel boasts an appreciated, admired, and adored complexity, unrivaled by their competitors. We love that they strive to provide a fragrance for every kind of person with every kind of interest, and their scents reach new levels of versatility. We also love that vanilla, rose petals, and Tonka bean make regular appearance in their Parfum collections.

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The Family Heritage behind the Brand

Carolina llacqua is the third generation of the Teo Cabanel dream. Beginning in 1893, her great-godfather, Theodore (Teo) Cabanel unearthed his love for perfuming, and he sought to share that passion worldwide. His ambitious nature spawned a collection of fragrances, and since 1930, with the birth of his child, he has passed down the secrets and love of perfumes to his children and their children. Teo Cabanel was born from love, and Carolina llacqua continues to revel in a generations-old tradition and heritage, while intending to pass that tradition along to her daughter. Hand-in-hand, she works with renowned perfumer Jean-Francois Latty, developing her own fragrance collections to honor the Cabanel name.

What Makes Teo Cabanel Unique

Aside from passing own generations of concepts and passions, Teo Cabanel is moreso unique because of the complex system they employ to imagine and create those perfumes. Using high-quality ingredients, the creator and perfumer concoct a mash-up of over 45 different ingredients, creating a ravishing, intricate scent. Wearing these fragrances is like peeling back layers of essence, because as your heartbeat warms your skin, it in turn warms the fragrance, unleashing subtler undertones that you never knew were there. Teo Cabanel also boasts supreme uniqueness for the freshness and lingering staying power of their fragrances. Where most Parfums fade after an hour, their collections have been noted to last 5 hours, or longer.

Their Packaging Promises

The Teo Cabanel tradition and heritage is based in France, and the creator – beautiful Carolina llacqua – and the well-known perfumer – handsome Jean-Francois Latty – were both born in France. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that their promises revolve around having 100% handmade packaging from France – every single time. Since 2007, the pair has been working with a stunning graphic designer - Patrice Boulat – developing eye-catching bottles and box designs that entice customers before they ever smell the fragrance. An elaborate cap is placed on each bottle of perfume, along with a seal of the Cabanel family - in remembrance of their unique, ambitious history.

Pure Ingredients from Around the World

When it comes to creating beautiful, complex fragrances, some unnatural ingredients are unavoidable. However, Teo Cabanel assures their customers that over 92 percent of the elements within their Parfums are all-natural, coming from the essences of plants, flowers, and fruits. Few brands can ever claim this level of purity, and Teo Cabanel prides themselves on gathering the purest, most enticing ingredients from around the world. Through high concentration, they are able to pack each fragrance with between 45 to 65 different, intricate ingredients. This process layers the scents, making a unique Parfum that is not only long-lasting, but lingering in a soft, subtle way that trails behind you.

The Fragrance Collection

The Teo Cabanel Fragrance Collection consists of 7 beautifully brilliant and imaginative scents that evoke the fondest memories in the wearer. These fragrances are inspired by the memorable moments of the creator and her perfumer, as well as honorary moments in history and nature. Some of our favorites include – Hegoa – a sophisticated intermingling of rose petals on a base of green tea and amber, as well as bold overtones of lemon, mandarin, and feminine bergamot. Julia – a delightful, delicate combination of alluring violets and crisp jasmine, plus complex top notes of black currant, rhubarb, and raspberries. Early Roses – One of our most loved! This fragrance tells a story of the early harvesting of Bulgaria Roses with hints of pink peppercorns, spring dew, and smooth amber.
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