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  1. Therapie Roques Oneil Protect Bath & Body Oil 100ml

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One of a Kind.

Therapie Roques O’Neil weaves a delicate bridge between physical wellness and spiritual integrity. We use a variety of materials and tools to craft each product to create energetically charged products using crystal powders and tinctures, healing herbal macerations. Each element is cleansed and charged with Reiki prior to blending. Therapie offers a modern apothecary that encourages you to engage in the high’s and low’s of your own well being; each product is carefully crafted to counter the many faces of stress.


We invite our customers to engage more deeply in their wellness, rather than illness or exhaustion being the trigger to look after yourself why not integrate moments of self care throughout your day? Intersperse your day with these magical potions to create short resets, to apply, spritz and inhale; make time to reset and restore. When your spirit looses its lightness it constricts your perspective and your ability to dream and be free spirited, this restriction eventually will impact on every level, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Brand Creator.

Michelle Roques O’Neil is an aromatherapist, spiritual life coach and healer and has been voted one of the top ten aromatherapists in the world by British Vogue. She has practiced vibrational aromatherapy for over 30 years having started her career with four years of dedicated study under the 'godmother of Aromatherapy’, Micheline Arcier. She is an acolyte of some of the world’s most famous spiritual teachers and holds qualifications in a diverse range of holistic and esoteric therapies, including Spiritual psychotherapy, Reiki, Chinese Alchemy and Crystal Therapy.

Modern Apothecary.

Each Therapie Roques O’Neil formula has been created to counter the way stress impacts and affects our overall wellness, more specifically, how it interrupts our natural energy flow. We take the many complex layers that contribute to imbalance and overextension, weaving them into a modern apothecary where each product tackles and supports a specific issue. Easy to understand and navigate they’re divided into products that can be used anywhere and those that create a deeper moment of respite and healing.


Therapie Roques O’Neil products work to cover symptoms of acute stress fatigue (Boost), digital over extension (Himalayan detox salts), body balance (Equilibrium & Restore Aura Spray) and self nurture (Cherish), fortification and immune support ( Protect), muscular tension and inflammation (Comfort Warming rub). Inner Light range - Calm Balm (anxiety), Energy Lift (optimism and mental clarity), Sleep Drops (restorative sleep), Crystal Clear (inspiration and courage). Each product has its own medium, to apply directly to the body, to soak in and sniff working through all the senses, primarily of smell, to awaken an emotional memory library and to cleanse the energy pathways.