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Our love for Triumph & Disaster stems from the clean, healthy and natural skin that comes from using Triumph and Disaster brand. The old fashioned products that Triumph & Disaster creates are made to remind us all that shaving is a skill passed down through generations, and is truly a good value to have – just like good advice. Triumph and Disaster creates natural products that leave your skin feeling fresh and bright, without the harsh, dry and irritated feeling that so many cheap commercial products leave.

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Brand Creator

Dion Nash is a former international cricket team member for New Zealand before retiring in 2001. He is also the founder of Triumph & Disaster, after becoming the marketing director for Kiwi Vodka Company 42Below. Playing under the hot sun gave Dion a logical understanding of how skin is affected and the skincare needed to keep the fresh feeling. In 2011 he launched Triumph & Disaster, a men’s grooming range. He is always working to create new products, with his next project being hair clay.


The philosophy of Triumph & Disaster is to use the best of science and combine it with the best of nature, to produce naturally derived and scientifically engineered products that truly work. T&D has three simple philosophical steps, including, ASHES TO ASHES – where T&D strives to create the most natural products without compromising their safety and performance, GOOD SCIENCE – T&D products contain no parabens, petrochemicals or silicones, and SIMPLICITY – T&D has simple formulations engineered with the most honest intentions.

The Art of Shaving

The role of shaving products has changed since the introduction of the disposable razor back in the mid 70’s. Products have changed to deliver a greater glide and slickness to assist the movement of the razor. It allows the razor to safely run over the surface of the face and cutting the hair follicles without cutting through the surface of the skin. Triumph & Disaster has created products that provide an even tighter, closer shave while protecting the skin and leaving your face feeling fresh and new.


PREPARE – the key to prevention is preparation and it’s about taking the time to set things up right by building a solid platform so performance can continue down the road. PERFORM – no matter what your own personal style is, whether it is the hair on your head, the stubble on your chin, or the look on your face. Getting it right and pulling it off is an art form and requires that you choose the best tools for the job. PROTECT – aging is a constant and irreversible change, however the key is to not spend your life fighting it, but to ride it out in style. You need a little protection and quality products that work with nature and not against it.

Introducing the Latest Soap A+R

The newest products from Triumph & Disaster is the A+R Soap, which is created to give users a gentler experience. Infused with an exotic blend of cedar, juniper, cypress and bergamot, this soap delivers an aroma that was inspired by a walk through Auckland’s “Whatipu Bush”. This gentle and calming soap can be used on the more sensitive areas, such as the face, neck and underarms. Almond milk is used to hydrate and soften skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. It also is an excellent antioxidant and protects cells against damage, including premature aging.