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Why We Admire Velour Lashes

We admire Velour Lashes because they seem to really, truly care about their customers, as evidence by their extensive instructions – both in word, video, and picture formats. Their care goes beyond what you would see from other fashion-fabulous brands, and this has saved their customers a great deal of time and effort when it comes to buying, applying, and removing their perfect false lashes. Another reason we admire and love Velour Lashes is their go-green, eco-friendly approach to creating their lashes. Their false lashes are handcrafted from mink hair, but the hair is harvested from a mink preservation area where minks are kept alive and well to the fullest extent of their lives. Which means Velour Lashes products are 100% cruelty free.

Philosophies & Standards of Velour False Lashes

Philosophies & Standards

Since Velour Lashes are handmade from real mink hair, they have a finer, more complex look and feel that makes them superior to synthetic lashes. They look all-natural in thickness, richness, and volume – and this is one of the many standards the Velour Lashes upholds with every product. Their false lashes are designed to born worn up to 25 times – with proper care – and their shape, form, and appearance never change, despite being worn over and over again. Their philosophies focus on customer assistance and providing their customers with the perfect false lashes for any occasion. Velour Lashes offer extensive guides to help with finding the ideal lashes for their customers, and the creative minds behind the brands are always willing to assist on a one-on-one basis.

Celebrities Who Love Velour False Eye Lashes

Celebrities Who Love Velour Lashes

Velour Lashes has soared to stardom, and everybody seems to be sporting a pair of their own, such as a few well-known, A-list celebrities – such as, Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black & That 70s Show), Rita Ora (singer extraordinaire), Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries & The Dark Knight), and Jessica Simpson (another awesome singer and 90s pop legend). Beyoncé (legendary singer) and Jessica Alba (The Fantastic Four and Sin City) have also been spotted striking a pose on the Red Carpet with their sets of Velour Lashes, and more celebs are popping up on a regular basis boasting their own pairs. For celebrities, Velour Lashes are obviously the absolute height of fashion-fabulousness.

Different Designs for Different Occasions from Velour False Eyelashes

Different Designs for Different Occasions

Velour Lashes are unique because each lash from their collection is handcrafted to be worn for both specific and casual occasions. There are different designs for different occasions! If you plan on taking the town by storm, painting the city red, or dancing to the break of dawn, then you should opt for fashionable lashes that flair and flutter with every flirtatious flit of your eyes, such as You’re My Wing Woman or Girl, You CRAAZY. If your plans are more conservative, such as a relaxing evening spent snuggling with your honey on the couch, or perhaps a night of pampering yourself with a home-done manicure and pedicure, then these casual Velour Lashes are more your speed – Whispie Me Away, Whispie Sweet Nothings, and Oops! Naughty Me.

Care Tips from Velour False Eyelashes

Care Tips

There are a few care tips that improve the longevity of your sets of Velour Lashes, such as – - Remove the remaining glue from the cotton band before putting your Velour Lashes away. With tweezers, gently strip the excess glue away, making sure your lashes are soft and pliable afterwards. - Keep mascara away from your Velour Lashes. If you wear mascara, opt for putting it on your natural lashes first, letting that dry, and then applying your Velour Lashes. - Stow away your Velour Lashes in their case when you’re not using them. This keeps them dust-free, soft, and perfect for wear whenever you need them.

The Lashes Collection from Velour False Eye Lashes

The Lashes Collection

The Lashes Collection from Velour Lashes features are as expansive in their range and purpose as they are in their design and occasion. They are also perfectly named with quirky monikers that make it easier to remember which lashes are your favorites. There are also false lashes described by their function, such as upper lashes, lower lashes, high volume lashes, medium lashes, and light volume lashes. Some notable must-have favorites for every occasion are – #WINGing – a voluminous pair of lashes in rich, beautiful black fringe. Lash in the City – a pair of beautiful black lashes that are perfect for a night of club-hopping, or perhaps a date. You Complete Me – a set of long, luxurious lashes that plump and pump up your own lashes for a voluminous, flirtatious flutter.

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