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  1. Nourishing Protein Chocolate 1000g Out of Stock
  2. Hydrator Bottle 680ml
    Hydrator Bottle 680ml
  3. Super Elixir 300g Refill Lemon And Ginger
  4. Nourishing Protein Vanilla Pack 300g
  5. The Super Elixir Greens 300g Pouch Refill
  6. Sleep Welle Pouch (50 Bags)
  7. Sleep Welle Mist 100ml Sleep Welle Mist 100ml
    Sleep Welle Mist 100ml

9 Items

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WelleCo elixirs are dietary supplements designed by leading nutritional doctors using carefully formulated ingredients derived from wholefoods. In easily absorbable powder form, they are designed to nourish the body’s 11 systems from the inside out.

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Clean, pure and natural.

WelleCo is dedicated to formulating simple and effective food supplements that deliver optimum health and beauty benefits from within. Using premium wholefood ingredients, our elixirs are a complex blend of essential and hard-to-find plants, that when consumed, are recognised by the body at cellular level.

Healthy daily diet.

When taken as part of a healthy daily diet, WelleCo supplements support and strengthen the digestive and immune systems, liver, cognitive, gut and metabolic function, and skin and bone health.

Future Wellness.

“If the modern consumer cares about the appearance of their skin, accelerated ageing and invests in a quality regime, it makes sense that this regime includes nourishment from within at cellular level." Andrea Horwood, CEO & Co-Founder.

Elle Macpherson, Co-Founder.

Elle has been a prominent figure in international business, fashion, film and television for over 30 years. Widely recognised as a global icon, Elle has won awards for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial drive, and continues to be an inspiration for women all over the world.


A plant-based dietary supplement designed by leading nutritional doctors, using 45 premium ingredients derived from wholefoods. In easily absorbable powder form, it is designed to nourish the body’s 11 systems daily at cellular level from the inside out.