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  1. Extreme Velvet Lipstick 5ml
    Extreme Velvet Lipstick 5ml
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    Z-Firm Gift Set
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    Active Concealer 03 3ml
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    The Blush 'Apricot' 6g
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6 Items

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We respect and admire the king of skin Dr. Marko Lens for his tireless research and innovations in anti-ageing skincare.

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Meet Dr. Lens

With 20 years of experience and research under his belt, Dr. Marko Lens knows all there is to know about skin and skincare; but he is always striving for new advancements in technology, with cutting-edge formulas and anti-ageing patents. With a Master of Science degree from Harvard University and a PhD degree from Oxford in the field of skin cancer, Dr. Lens is an authoritative figure in the industry and regularly lectures on the development of of anti-ageing skincare and is invited to speak at international conferences on skin cancer and skin ageing.

Botanicals & Biotechnology Combined.

When science and nature combine effortlessly to form a Zelens product, you know that months, if not years of research and development have landed you at this point. Plant-derived molecules with potent anti-ageing and healing properties work in synergy with powerful high-performance active biotechnology ingredients. Simply mixing these two things together doesn’t create ground-breaking skincare, though, only the exact balance and synergistic action of all ingredients can effectively trigger the cellular processes for skin regeneration and repair.

Visible, Proven Results

Not just promises, expect visible results when you invest in Zelens. The extensive, rigorous clinical testing done by independent institutions on the finished products is proudly available for you to read as the proof you need. Not only that, but the countless high-profile fans of the brand and it’s cult status among beauty bloggers, editors and journalists, (who test so many products daily) means you really can expect the best of the best.

Active Colour

Because we spend so much time wearing makeup, Dr. Lens created the perfect balance between skincare and makeup with his Active Colour range. This is so much more than makeup, with numerous active ingredients in each product to stimulate cell metabolism and cell respiration. This is makeup that lets skin breath and renew whilst you wear it. This is makeup designed to enhance with soft focus finishes, velvet formulas and protecting ingredients.

The Skincare

Named Skin Science Skincare, by now you should be able to tell this isn’t your average high-end department store beauty range. Every Zelens product represents the most advanced, most effective skincare technology available anywhere. Zelens products are always free from parabens, never tested on animals and free from any animal-derived ingredients, too. If you’re serious about skincare, about anti-ageing and age reversal then this is the range for you.
Zelens products combine powerful high-performance active biotechnology ingredients with the unique blend of plant-derived molecules with potent anti-aging and healing properties.